Getting Over the Holidays

Well it has been a while since I have updated… we made it safely through Christmas and all the dinners and then a nice and quiet New Years. The boys got lots of wonderful toys from friends and family as well as the train table and stocking stuffers from us, now it is time to plan their birthday party! We decided to just have one party for all 3. I have managed to get almost all of the party supplies, I just need to order what little I need from the Birthday site. I decided to just got with mainly blue and then get a Thomas mylar balloon and table centerpiece. Ken’s parents are going to be there and eveything!
The baby is definitely moving around lately… we had an ultra sound on the 27th and did NOT find out the sex, but everything looks good. My dr’s appointment on the 3rd went well though their scale was broken so no weight and, speaking of scales, I managed to hunt one down on for weighing the baby, we got a Christmas cheque for almost the whole amount so it is a present for the baby and a way to ensure that we do not need Ken to go into work late once a week in order to make the weigh in. It was near impossible to even hunt a scale down in Canadian stores so I did have to go to the US, but at least with Ken’s folks coming to visit they can bring it up instead of ship it a second time.
I know there is a lot more to write but I thought I would just post something tonight saying HELLO I AM STILL ALIVE! Take care everyone.

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