When Genetics Catches Up With the Group

Also known as… 4 out of 5 kids now have glasses, which all happened in the span of a month (do NOT ask Ken about the cost… I think he is still a little queasy). 

First was the twins, who apparently needed glasses for a while but didn’t want to bother us as it wasn’t impacting their computer gaming. Sheesh. The down side to having kids with identical features, the glasses they chose really are NOT different. Same fact shape after all. Gavin is on left in each of these. IMG_1007


Poor Emanuel, we waited a bit long to go in for his update and his eyes had progressed quite a lot. Then, like the day after he had his eye exam he fell down the stairs and broke the old glasses anyway. (Fun fact, he is also the child we paid for the insurance plan on the glasses)IMG_1346

Trinity looked through her friend Elizabeth’s glasses while they were at the YMCA in the workout area and realized she could see better through those. After calming her down and wiping her tears that evening we booked her in for a test too. Luckily the weekend before I went in for myself so was able to scope out the glasses options. SPARKLES! IMG_1295


4 kids, 4 pairs of glasses… one kid put out because she actually WANTED glasses but her vision is just fine… figures!!! Genetics! Gavin is in the back.IMG_1351

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