Daddy to the Rescue

Well, all I can say is thank goodness Ken is a hands on kinda dad. Zander has been sick multiple times today, the poor guy, and every time he vomitted and Gavin saw it Gavin started crying. So they were BOTH in tears for a large portion of the time they were awake. Thankfully they had a nice long nap. Ken came home in the morning when I had to throw them in the tub and helped me get them out when they were done (I called him when Zander got sick – yet again – in the tub no less), and was able to come home early to deal with them after naptime. I think Emanuel caught a little of the bug too as I have spent the whole day cluster feeding and cuddling. Poor little guy has a rumbly tummy and only was eating a bit at a time before passing out.
Well, at least it is the weekend – right, and a time change no less. I do believe we lose an hour on Saturday night. Thank goodness the laptop changes for me or I swear I would never get it done right or on time.
Well, back to Kingdom Hearts 2… the twins are in bed – Zander’s 3rd set of sheets today … hopefully the last… and Emanuel is snoozing in the bassinet for once.
Just thank goodness for Ken and his iron stomach – makes him an extremely helpful nursemaid to the boys.

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