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Ex’s, Homecomings, Baby Milestones and a New Novak

It has been an interesting weekend. Amazingly enough I ran into an ex-boyfriend (who will remain nameless) and 2 of his 3 kids. Now divorced and living in a town nearby it was a bit of a shock to turn around and there he was! Apparently he is doing well… I remember going to his wedding, he dated friends of mine as well as myself. So much history floods back when you run into someone who was not only in highschool with you but you dated. No coffee date was set LOL something about having coffee with an ex just does not appeal to me.
Ken made it home safely and his luggage made it home a mere day later! Apparently the trip was – well work – he golfed better than he thought he would and did not end up with a sunburn. They had a lovely fancy dinner full of courses he did not like and he did not get to see much of anything in Montreal. Oh well, we were glad to have him home.
Thursday Emanuel rolled over and since then he has been rolling all the time. I can hardly believe he is 5 months old – 15lbs 14.5 oz and just over 24" tall (that is the sign for inches right????). We did pictures with my mom and all 3 boys as well as her with each child and then a couple of just Emanuel (Walmart). Those were for her birthday and will be ready on her actual burthday – the 26th.
I wish I could say that things are peachy right now but I am one worn out puppy. It is not that life is horrible just that I am really feeling the need for a true holiday. Happily Ken and I are going to start actively planning my trip to South Carolina with Emanuel. But that is not until October and that feels like a lifetime away right now. The twins are just full of nasty attitude latelyand my patience has most certainly worn thin!
On a positive note¬†– Zander’s godparents Andy and Darcy welcomed their 4th son on the 5th – Aidan John 8lbs. 3oz. 18" …. pretty exciting, I have to get his nursing necklace done…

Heatwave Wave Good-Bye Already!

Well, Ken and I had our usual long distance argument. Every time we are seperated we end up having at least one phone call argument. Three days of heat… cranky boys… apart from Ken I just could not hold it together. I had to have my mom come over a little after Karyn left to help me bathe and calm the baby. The heat just gets to be too much for Emanuel.
Between Karyn and myself we got all of the chores done with a rushed walk. It was hotter than we thought it would be, however I did get the storage unit payed for for the month, my library card renewed and a passport application from the post office.
Well, the apartment is finally cooling down, Emanuel and the twins are finally asleep so I am going to get in a few minutes of afghan sewing, fold my laundry and get to bed. Tomorrow I am alone until after 5:30 when my mom is coming over to help and I have to sleep in the livingroom tonight LOL What a life !!!

Day 2 Kids + Heat = BLAH

Ok, we have survived our first full day and 2nd night without Ken. Today it is even hotter than yesterday and the twins were up even earlier. Good grief.
Ken did call last night¬†– it took them 3 flights and all night to get to Montreal and then right on to work so he did not talk to me long… poor man was exhausted. He is supposed to be calling me tonight though. I warned him I may not be the cheeriest individual at that point.
I got a chance to start my afghan last night, I am cross stitching a precious moments image in it. We picked up the material when in the city for Isabella’s birthday…
Isabella’s birthday was alot of fun – another hot day but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, besides us and Isabella there was another baby who was 2 1/2 months old but looked, weighed and acted almost as old as Emanuel. She was a cutey. We had a nice visit with Alan’s family and their friends. It is hard to believe Isabella is a year old already.
I feel – exhausted – I am so glad I am NOT a single parent!!!