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November Already??

IMG_0026Ok it is November already and I am not nearly where I would like to be in regards to being ready for Christmas… on the up side I am almost done all the major sewing projects though I am not sure how much I will get done today with a headache kicking my butt… that is a major negative when pregnant as really any illness (and I have the sniffles too ugh) you are told to just ride them out. Hahaha fun fun fun… um NOT.
Gavin’s tooth is fine, we waited a few days and called back and they said since there has been no change to the tooth OR his behavior (and I mean ALL his behavior – they are still crazy in the bedroom jumping on that bed) that he is fine and it is not worth traumatizing him taking him in. Yesterday I took all three kids out on a walk in our fresh (though not much) snow… we took Emanuel in the wagon and went up our street, across to the other side and then back to the house… Emanuel so did NOT want to go in but he had a VERY red nose and the sniffles.
Ken and I have managed to get more stuff put away – he brought in about half of what is sitting in the garage and I did manage to clean some of it out… the big thing is getting it done when we are both home since the boys want to "help" – at least that is what they SAY! Other than that I have to get some mailing done since Ken does not know when he could have to fly up north to check out something at the company headquarters where the contract he is working on is for. We also need to make cookies end of the month since our first Christmas party is at the Bleaus’ on the 8th of December – she is due end of the month so they want to have it early. We also need to get back to town to pick up our photos – the girl at Walmart called me last night to tell me there MAY be a blink on the one set of 20 cards that are of us from the side … course KEN is the culprit… but I am hoping it is just noticeable to someone who is LOOKING FOR it.. we cannot go in to get them til NEXT week since this is the long weekend coming up = no Sunday School and we are going to check out another church her in the city – German/English no less!
Let’s see… my appetite is coming ack but lately it has all been headaches and tiredness… the boys are doing well… the twins were Giraffes for halloween – Emanuel Pocoyo… they went to 4 houses on the street and then were done, though Ken says Emanuel would have loved to keep going. My mom leaves for Mexico with her significant other this coming weekend… She will be gone for almost a week! Her first trip off continent.
Ken had his 6 month review recently and it went really well! His wage review is on Wednesday. I am so glad he is content at this new job. The next big thing is that he has to build a train table for the twins for Christmas… I am still debating on Emanuel’s "big gift." There is an easel at Zellars for $40.00 with one side magnetic and one side chalkboard that DOES look fun… So much to do before Christmas!!! What a beginning to November!