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Sagas, Dramas and other “as”

So as I am sure everyone who reads my blog has realized… life is never simple with this family. We like to do things with style… but first lets go over some of the fun that was to be had on the last day of our weekend here with Chris and Chris… the first backyard fire of the season!!! The weather was lovely but the mosquitoes are already out, and they are HUGE. We were surprised at the size of them!

My whole family

We had He Chris chopping wood and of course all those ladybugs you were able to see but not hear in the blog entry before this.


With fire comes snacks and of course the best one of all – S’mores! There is something totally addictive about that combination of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. All of the big kids got a chance to roast their own marshmallows.


And of course enjoy the results…


Echo did her thing by walking around and just generally exploring, we tried giving her a marshmallow but she spit it out!! Seriously, whose kid is this??? 

Baby Girl

Anyway, lovely weather… brought out the summer hats! 

And the birthday ball... that lasted til today but then... well pop! But that is ok Grandma has a new one Daddy will pick up!

Now for today… well the van saga is ongoing… we had a bit of trouble getting temporary insurance for the vehicle of choice which threw off our decision making process on the whole vehicle roulette. After all I don’t drive and there is the whole who watches the kids if I did… and then the decision as to what to do with the vehicle you came with to drive the other back… blah blah blah. Well after a VERY frustrating afternoon of phone calls and waiting Ken was able to settle it all. We could get the temporary insurance TOMORROW with 48 hours to do the final registration. Now to get Ken all the way to pick up the vehicle. Here is where Karyn is (as usual) an amazing friend… after work she is collecting Ken and the two of them are taking the road trip to test drive (and if there is nothing glaringly wrong) purchase and head home! That would mark the end of one of our two drama/sagas. So please say a prayer and keep a positive thought. 

We had a drop by from Karyn today as well which meant Trinity got her special hair brushing/braiding time. They have the best conversations while sitting together doing hair. Trinity assures me that the moment Aunty Karyn leaves she misses her. 

Special Aunty time

I also picked up some shorts with the weather topping off at 25 Celsius today I was sorely needing some. And a white t-shirt for Echo for the weekend to give us a few more outfit options (3.00 for her size!). Although apparently by Friday it is supposed to snow again! Go Alberta weather!!

I went through the girls’ and my clothing today to sort for the weekend etc. and tomorrow it is the boys’ turn. We don’t have too many proper bags sadly but we will make do! 

Hugs for Mommy

Ladybugs and Echo

For some reason YouTube is not liking our sound BUT it is Echo playing with ladybugs and then waving good bye 

Short and Not Too Sweet

It simply was NOT Echo’s morning today… I woke up to Ken and the kids and an injured Echo. She was walking normally and slipped and bonked her head… right at the corner of her eye of course. The world is such a dangerous place when you are not 100% steady on your feet. Of course more so when there is a doctor’s appointment in less than a week. 

It looked better by bedtime but she is following her Mommy with injuries near the eye (thankfully HERS was not a cat scratch like mine was)

We had a change in budget (for the positive) for our new used van so have reassessed and lined up a bunch of test drives as quickly as possible. It may make for an interesting Monday for Ken as he juggles how to get a vehicle and bringing it back without stranding another vehicle somewhere else!!! The hope is that we can get all of this accomplished and finished up by early Tuesday as Wednesday is the littlest miss’ appointment. 

Other than that today was… quiet, I am hoping to have something more exciting to share tomorrow… even if it is something rather minor! Please continue to think fondly on our little family and our dramas of the moment! I am trying to remember that they too shall pass! 

And to end, a childhood favourite - melted cheese on bread fresh from the toaster oven