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September 13-15

It was hard to do it but we managed… for over 2 months we kept quiet about it, planned it stealthily… executed it PERFECTLY… and on the morning of the 13th Ken took the twins to pick up the surprise… they didn’t know what hit them!!! Yup, at the airport they picked up… GRANDMA! She received a 3 day vacation, for her birthday, with 5 of her 6 grandchildren! The excitement continued when she walked in the door as the little 3 still did not know!

Waiting for the surprise

Waiting for the surprise

101_4513We didn’t have a vehicle big enough to cart us all around so the bulk of the vacation was spent at home doing wonderful together things with Grandma, like playing Legos, watching movies, drawing pictures, telling stories.101_4519

And doing hair!

And doing hair!


Sorting the Grandma American Change she brought the kids

Sorting the Grandma American Change she brought the kids

There were Canadian themed books to check out as well! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Mike!101_4518

Echo got a hat she wore for days after!

Echo got a hat she wore for days after!



101_4549There was even time for a Grandma only walk to the park!101_4517IMG_0621

IMG_0622IMG_0624IMG_0627IMG_0629IMG_0630IMG_0632Though on Saturday Trinity and Emanuel took Grandma and Daddy to the Harley Davidson store closest to pick up choice items for Grandpa Mike (and sneak in some ice cream!). And that night Mommy and Daddy snuck out for a much needed dinner for two!

Movie time

Movie time

Calling Grandpa Mike

Calling Grandpa Mike

Sunday MORNING was the first official Sunday School session so Ken took the 4 enrolled and they went solo. Everyone had fun and looked great… except for Zander’s miss buttoned shirt which we will say is a “fashion statement”…IMG_0642

We had fun meals together, checked out the garden… played Lego.101_4536

101_4530101_4531IMG_0634I think it was a good visit! And all managed by staying close to home no less! And don’t forget… more braiding!101_4521








Ready Set… Almost Surprise Time!

September 11-12

It was a bit of a trick to really get through to the kids that it was a new year. Though using the kitchen table (with Nana and Baba gone it is freed up) to change things up a bit for now has helped.

On Wednesday we had a special visitor – Aunty Darcy! She had an errand to run in the neighbourhood so came by after it to hang out and to take yours truly out so we could enjoy a kid free lunch (one of the perks to having a hubby who can work from home!!). She was a gem and found us a caterpillar to check out. We would have kept it… until it escaped the cup and tried to make for freedom! So we examined it for a while and the twins returned it to the front yard intact.101_4497

We are working our way back to daily story time courtesy of our fantastic readers Zander and Gavin…101_4498

Checking in on science projects…101_4500

and enjoying our days as much as we can. After all learning is best when it is FUN!101_4499

Our first week of the “new” school year is an abbreviated one. We only set up to school Monday to Thursday as Friday was a special (super special) surprise for the kids. But Thursday was still school as normal. Working with the kids to see how they answer questions like – what you like, don’t like, favourite class… it is so fun finding out what runs through their heads!101_4501

The boys really went all out working on some of the new (and not so new) instructions off of Art for Kids (link on right). They are our go to place for drawing and art related ideas!!!101_4502

101_4503101_4504Miss Echo also had an absolute BLAST making her own series of messes…101_4507

The kids wowed me with a Lego Tree…101_4508

And Ken and I FINALLY made the two lunch boxes for two little girls back up in Canada… out of duct tape and some Velcro. I hope they work!101_4509

Thank goodness for Disney and our lion themed film – The Lion King! We even made rings to go with!101_4506

101_4505I can’t forget to share our Target stash… 50% off school supplies in the dollar section is AMAZING!101_4510

Images Seem to Speak for Themselves at Times…


First off, I want to share the exciting news with everyone that my sister’s husband is home from his deployment!!! Welcome back Adam!!! We hope to give you hugs and drive you wild in person some day but until then have that lovely wife of yours hold you tight for us!!!!! He is home SAFE AND SOUND!!!! Now on with the cute!





101_3390As do the faces of sweet little ones. My “loaner baby” Lily Bean.101_3395





101_3482And sometimes I get out from behind the camera… briefly101_3484

He stood there for minutes while Ken sprayed him with that look on his face… it was hilarious.101_3486Gavin (above) and Zander have two of the most amazing pairs of blue (blue grey?) eyes!101_3488