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Fairy Tale Flirts 2

Hot on the heels of Fairy Tale Flirts is the sequel by Lisa Scott – Fairy Tale Flirts 2. 5 fun, contemporary romance short stories all based on aspects of different traditional fairy tales. This series uses Hansel and Gretal, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Rumplestiltskin as the beginning point of these sweet bites sized romances all based at the Neverland Island midway. A second common theme is the mention of an obscure figure known as the Woodsman who has terrorized multiple characters at the midway who all came from the adorably named Goose Valley.

A midway is the perfect location for interesting and varied romances and comedic interludes… be it the sexy chocolate shop (adults only), the mermaid water show or the girl with the longest hair viewing. Everyone seems to be in need of a little romance and has personal mysteries to clear up. All of these short stories could be read alone but read best in order (and honestly soon after reading the first installment).

My favourite of the 5 stories has to be the Rapunzel story. A girl so in need of love and freedom finds her prince. What more can we ask for? The reasoning behind her being captive and her history was rather creative and I loved her knight in shining armour.

Once again there is a series of stories all connected by a common thread. There is romance, humour and a touch of fairy tale glamour to enjoy. I have reviewed and would suggest many of Lisa Scott’s books… you can find my reviews if you look for Lisa Scott book review in my search engine to the right. I truly enjoyed Fairy Tale Flirts 2. Again bite sized romance you can take in parts or a whole. Perfect!9781301802647.225x225-75

Welcoming the Helping Hands

October 14-16

Seriously I don’t think I can plug Art for Kids site hard enough. It is our go to place for drawing anything and everything… and right now they are well centered in the Halloween spirit.101_4789

Free styling

Free styling

With Daddy’s help Monday also centered on a new science project. This time making our own frost using a metal bowl, ice and salt.101_4792

We also made Echo her very own Princess hat!101_4793

On Tuesday the twins and Nana had a baking/science session making pumpkin muffin/cupcakes using a recipe she found online with canned pumpkins and cake mix. We are loving the time together with everyone learning more about the world around us!101_4796

101_4797Then we crafted it up with the Perler Beads… some days fun is the way to educate!101_4798

With some time on our hands and lots of hands to help the twins were also able to get some rather spiffy haircuts! Short short short.101_4799

Mid week was another day of happy learning with Ken having the time to read with the kids! These special moments have been so rare lately and now, I am pleased to say… Daddy involvement has made a return appearance. It is so wonderful to have another hand involved in our schooling. It gets lonely being a solo teacher at times.101_4801

We took over the basement this time and sprawled out everywhere…101_4802

That included our bedroom for reading time. I love how they go off ON THEIR OWN and share this joy with the younger ones.101_4803

Zander and Gavin even helped Nana with dinner. HAMBURGERS made by my brilliant boys.101_4804

With an Echo assist

With an Echo assist

Emanuel finished off his first journal with some wonderful final pictures.101_4805

The fun we are having!!!101_4795


I do love catching the kids at play!101_3822











Run Aidan run!

Run Aidan run!



Taking baby sister for a ride

Taking baby sister for a ride







Fairy spotting!

Fairy spotting!


...and ending on the adorable!

…and ending on the adorable!