Ending our Seuss Themed Learning Week

For all our Dr. Seuss resources check out the blog entry: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March 1-3

Well, it has been 5 days of reading and learning with a Seuss theme… so what book did we end our focus on? Why Horton Hears a Who! Oh and I read them all Fox in Socks… next year it is KEN’s turn to do the tongue twisters. The kids got a laugh and a half out of it though so it was all worth it. We had Horton themed worksheets AND general Dr. Seuss themed ones to complete…

And then there was our quick run out to Michaels to get the beginnings of my Saint Patrick’s day necessities… the next big colour specific holiday (hmmm green paper chain anyone? An awesome way for the little ones to work with the big ones on patterns and careful stapler usage). And the folders we needed from Walmart so we could jump right in on assembly of our Dr. Seuss folders. I decided to go folders instead of binders and such just because of the bulk of our work being worksheets. A little different from a binder but the right colours for our theme. I love how each of the kids did a different colour scheme on their Cat in the Hat hat for the cover.

Absolutely Seussian

Adding to the Dr. Seuss party excitement is the fact that QUINN and Uncle STEVEN are coming too! A party is always more fun with a guest right? We brought out the Dr. Seuss felt board set that I got on clearance this past summer. The twins did up math equations for each other.

I am so in love with felt boards… I need to find an affordable large one for us!

I had to take advantage of a crochet link my cousin Veronika linked me and make a crown for Trinity! It was a super quick stitch… though I noticed AFTER that that she had an IMPROVED pattern for the princess crown… so guess what is next? Of course Echo wants one and there is baby Lily to Be who needs an Easter gift…

Pretty in pink

What do for lunch when you don’t have a strict plan? Ask the children… CEREAL!!!


We had a good and strong ending to our Dr. Seuss week! Which leads me to Saturday and our PARTY!!! Of course there are certain elements you MUST have to have a good party… decorations.. check (in themed colours), guests (Quinn and Steven)… check, and FOOD! Now we had a selection… One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish goldfish AND blue water jello with some fish as well (gummies), Cat in the Hat themed fruit (we had no skewers so I just lay them on the plate), marshmallows (because in The Lorax the movie he threw them to the animals), and Truffula trees made out of cotton candy and pretzels in chocolate cupcakes. We tried a drink but it didn’t really work quite right but we ate the fruit anyway after.

Our party set up

Most of the spread… less the eggs and ham

I wish that we had had all our colour toners… but they were readable


But before all that was the morning errands… the twins and Ken had much needed hair cuts… then to Home Depot for the wood craft – making little cars and racing them… and then stopping at the library to drop off books and pick up my movie. Ken also had to grab some last minute supplies because for supper we had… GREEN eggs (well Ken tried) and ham.

The eggs took the colour way too easily

Our test subject with his new haircut

We had a change in plan early in the day and it went from a party to a party AND a sleepover! Talk about excitement!

Party time!

Cotton candy for the win

One Fish Two Fish RAINBOW Fish

The guys got in their boys time, but I simply could not pull off my visit. Lily to Be made sure her Mommy stayed home.

So it was just me and my little princesses

Guys at play

The kids’ version of gaming – Skylanders

They ended the day with Horton Hears a Who!

Movie time

Trinity and Quinn are officially best friends and bummed together all Saturday and then again on Sunday morning.

Racing cars

Best buddies

Sunday, after we said good bye to Steven and Quinn the Dr. Seuss fun continued with a visit to the Novak’s with our Truffula tree CAKE. Anthony helped me with the assembly.

Our cake

We had a great time just hanging out while the kids ran and played.


On the iPad together

Supper was chaotic and busy and totally yummy.

Anthony, Zander and Andrew

The rest

Ken and Andy worked together to repair the family laptop.

Hanging with the babies

Which somehow morphed into Minecraft???

We played so hard that Echo passed out on the couch! Sign of a day well played.

Played out

After Dr. Seuss is all up and done I will have to post my best of Anthony pictures… he seems to have gotten the hang of my camera very quickly and took quite a few wonderful pictures! I will post one here and then… well the entry will make it up in short order!

Incidentally also the only picture of Darcy… and there is Ken working on the laptop! I love the soft colour the no flash gives.

I got my playdate in after all! I am going to leave you with a wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss thanks to Cori, a Facebook friend.

Dr. Seuss

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