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As I have mentioned before Emanuel does love his herbivores… so we moved onto the Ankylosaurus. These armour plated dinosaurs are 4 legged tanks. Club tailed and spike covered, they really are a visual joy for the herbivore loving dinosaur fanatic. Now let’s get onto our videos…First the ever requested I’m a Dinosaur.

Our second video didn’t make the cut with Emanuel, he simply could not sit through it today, BUT it is about dinosaur bones found in the province we used to live in and dealt with the Tyrell Museum (another favourite of the family).

That leads us to the links… Found at the end of the Cretaceous period we had a few good links to share with you. Science Kids has some nice images including the skull and bone structure HERE. Kids National Geographic has a short blurb and an image HERE. Discovery Dinosaur Central as a lengthy article with lots of interesting information HERE. We always love Kidsdinos.com and their charts HERE. Why not check out a site dedicated to the Ankylosaur HERE? Dinosaurs.about.com has a list of the connected dinosaurs HERE. Wiki has an article HERE, and of course there is the colouring page from HelloKids.com HERE.

Rainbow herbivore

Meet the Nodosaurus

Emanuel picked a real tough one this time! Apparently the Nodosaurus is a sneaky dinosaur, not only is it only in North America but only two incomplete skeletons have been found and those AGES ago. Although THREE places are listed when you read up on it. As well, no skulls found! Add to that VERY few images and the fact that more than a couple of my new favourite dino websites did NOT cover this dinosaur and it was rather slim pickings. Even with these difficulties I DO have some information to share as well as a video. Don’t get me wrong, it is a VERY simple video, just two girls reading info about the dinosaur but Emanuel was excited to have something to watch however brief!

Now onto the nitty gritty… the links for the (limited) information we found. About.com had a little blurb in their herbivorous dinosaurs section right HERE. I rather preferred this site’s chapter format with basically an honest – we really don’t know much – HERE. Wiki had a short article HERE. And as usual, EnchantedLearning had something HERE (I REALLY miss my subscription with all those print out privileges!!!). Coloringpages101 had the best image for colouring HERE. Emanuel was rather impressed by the pattern the armour on this dinosaur. KidsDinos.com had something for us under their Cretaceous period list HERE. This plant eating 4 legged (5 toed??) dinosaur was often compared to a hedgehog in the literature due to its inability to fight back (no club on tail) and rather hunched down and did the hedgehog thing – no soft bits exposed. I had to make Emanuel his own fact page and we printed out the skeleton image on the Wiki article. 

Terrific picture