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Another delayed post… but interesting all the same. I hope they are helpful to someone and of nothing else, a wonderful record of times when the kids and I had fun learning about something new and just a bit unique.


While 2014 has not had us digging deep into the dinosaur world like we have, we did find the time to learn all about this Australian herbivore. The Minmi is named after a water body in Australia and is one of the most complete sets of fossils. Things like stomach content, skin texture and all sorts of fine details are saved in the fossils. It is believed that this dinosaur was often washed to sea and preserved as it was definitely a 4 legged land mammal.

Emanuel found this dinosaur most interesting due to its many armored plates and its obvious herbivore nature. We had a great discussion about where Australia is and how this was NOT a large armored dinosaur. Now we did have a rather interesting video by La Trobe University. Australian Dinosaur – Minmi.

And the links were actually plentiful on this dinosaur:

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  • We FOUND this dinosaur in a library book – The Big Book of Dinosaurs by DK.

One Little White Lie… a Book Review

I love it when I get the random chance to read an advance copy from an author I have not experienced before. This Australian author’s Novella was a terrific find! What do you do when your long term relationship ends and your bestfriend simply WILL NOT stop setting you up with anyone and everyone? Well… you create the perfect man and name him as your new boyfriend… What do you do when he turns out real and at an event you are invited to and announced to be this boyfriend by your bestfriend?

One Little White Lie by Loretta Hill is a humourous look at what it can be like to be the last single lady standing. With an engaged friend and a soured relationship Kate is between a rock and a hard place. Enter Henry who not only fits her description and is single but has secrets of his own. Kate’s little white lie comes true and the question becomes does she want it to truly be a lie? This romantic comedy is a giggle and a half, with people you want to love and a story you just can’t put down! Definitely a great pick me up or a cuddly read on a snowy day! 

One Little White Lie