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May, Looking Back at Spring Time Fun

May tends to be absolutely lovely here so we try to take full advantage with LOTS of time outside. dscn15491

dscn15511dscn15581And in the sprinkler. dscn15611

We got started on our planter boxes as well. Tomatoes and cucumbers this year. dscn15701

Plus Ken and I snuck out for a wedding.

Congrats you two!

Congrats you two!



I even had my very own Mother’s Day (not professional of course) photo shoot! dscn15821








img_20160508_120648We had a field trip to a local museum with homeschool buddies.dscn15951



dscn16021img_20160518_143433We broke out the freezies.dscn16111

And worked on our meager landscaping skills.dscn16091


Climbed trees.dscn16181

Went on long walks. And learned our route to the YMCA.dscn16211

Had lunch outdoors.dscn16241

And started our Canada unit. dscn16261

We even managed a visit with the Schwartz family.imag3086

And S’mores on the bbq… improvising!imag3134


One of the things I love about May in Minnesota is that it does warm up. And this year we took full advantage!img_20160518_143350





Setting Some Goals and a Visitor Arrives!

June 6-8

There is something about the Canadian Flag that the girls just LOVE colouring. Over and over and OVER again!101_7818

But we also did our Summertime School Goals. The twins are programming based and the two littles are reading based. I am hoping if we cannot accomplish them in the summer span of time we can AT LEAST make inroads on them.101_7819

101_7820And then for the BIG excitement… Uncle Sean is here for a short visit after doing a training session down in Minneapolis. The kids were over the moon and even Echo remembered Uncle Sean on sight!101_7821

He brought gifts…101_7822

And had a nap… it was just like being back up north. It did rather throw school out the window… willingly! Nothing like a Canadian guest to perk everyone up!101_7823

Saturday afternoon was a pre planned (before Sean’s trip) visit over to Chris and Renee’s house to play with the boys. They have a terrific backyard with a playset not unlike ours.101_7825

We had baby time…101_7824

Drinks for the adults…101_7826

101_7827And lovely retro toys brought out of the crawl space for the girls to share with Renee.

101_7829101_7830While the guys were bbqing we also had sparklers and some small fireworks to set off. Dinner was delicious and the kids were all sad to have to say good bye.

101_7831101_7835101_7837101_7839Sunday morning was an equally important engagement… we were expected to make it in time to watch Anthony play in part of his tournament. They played hard and won their match.101_7843

The kids had a blast playing with Aidan…101_7849

And we got some amazing action shots of one of our favourite soccer players! Anthony is playing even better this year. Training has paid off and it is amazing watching him run his hardest and play his best game after game!101_7844

101_7846101_7852101_7853101_7855101_7857101_7861Then home to spend the evening with Sean. The best of both worlds – outside fun and a friend to sit around at home and catch up with!!101_7863101_7868


4th of July Girls ONLY

Of course I cannot resist sharing the very first holiday I have EVER spent girls only! I think we did a rather good job making memories and friends to remember. We were invited to a family and friends bbq by the mother of the bride from the wedding in June (her daughters are Renee – Chris’s wife and Karen – Cory’s new bride). Renee was a total sweetheart and though she had to miss it for a family reunion (Chris’ side) she helped coordinate our ride – Cory picked us up after work and drove the van so I didn’t have to show my ineptitude at moving Echo’s carseat to a new vehicle! YAY!

But first… Ken had slept the night here with his evening appointments and left in the morning… AFTER helping fill the pool with air and taking out the garbage of course! While he was doing that and collecting any last minute necessities of course we had to bring out the American flag garland and our thematically perfect red, white and blue paperchain for some very adorable July 4th pictures. Sadly you cannot see in the picture but I am also wearing a USA themed tank top I picked up at Walmart (oops…).101_8227

101_8229101_8233101_8235After the pictures it was time for the first of our special treats – ding-dongs.101_8237

We did a quick with Daddy photo before hugs and good byes and then the fun REALLY began!101_8238

All girls all day… so we… made sticker pictures with July 4th ants picnic stickers…101_8239

Watched the original My Little Pony videos (and then moved onto MOST of Mastermind the movie)…101_8240

We ALL coloured pictures… I got them through a subscription to the site Little Learning Lovies (here) as a freebie for subscribing.101_8241

10401959_10152555368776151_4722645217025226765_nThen after lunch in the sunroom of buns and apple slices we did a wee bit of our mail schoolwork… Trinity is determined to learn to tell time to receive the reward Gammie has promised her and Echo likes nothing better than doing her worksheets.101_8242

Around 3:30 Cory collected us and the van and it was time to head to the party.

We got there at the perfect time. The family we met at the groom’s dinner who have 3 girls right around our’s ages were in the pool with their mom so the girls got changed too and hopped in to play.101_8243

101_8244There was a playset to play on…101_8247

A hill to dare devil drive down (which they ALL did successfully)…101_8246

And a delicious picnic dinner that included fruit and various salads and AMAZING chicken drumsticks all topped off with chocolate cake. Trinity cleaned her plate perfectly I was so proud!


After dinner was s’mores… Echo let me have a few bites of hers. More visiting… and then…101_8250




Cory and Echo hanging out together

Cory and Echo hanging out together




A new little girl - Chloe

A new little girl – Chloe


This is Trinity with a sparkler and the camera set on Fireworks!

This is Trinity with a sparkler and the camera set on Fireworks!

We did not make it home until almost 11 o’clock. We had an amazing day, met tons of new people and played and ran and honestly had our best 4th of July yet (ok it IS our second but it was grand!).101_8293