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Photo Dump

Congratulations to Cousins Veronika and Adam on your wedding we wish we could have been there! To fill the day I got to be nanny with Bree and Lily Bean… I promise pictures eventually but tonight… enjoy the excess from month + previous.

And the photos just seem to add up on my desktop.. PHOTO DUMP!!!


The old Catholic church

Sister time

Little Darling

Me and my baby

I think I am officially in love with the retro style

Mighty Ant Hunters

Babies on parade

The nearby lake/pond

Doing her big sister’s hair


4 of 5


Bitty Girl

For You

For You

Little Sweety

Little Sweety

All grown up!

All grown up!

Still loving the Hello Kitty

Still loving the Hello Kitty





Plans, They Do Change

May 13-14

So we were SUPPOSED to have our day off from the 4 big kids on Monday but the weather was less than enthusiastic. So we switched our outing days. Which made for a bit of a mad scramble to get things ready Sunday night.

So what to do, what to do? Well… get out and about first off… We took a nice walk down the main road our lane is off of and worked our way through writing down the names of the streets we saw along the way. The boys now know the short hand for Lane, Drive, Road… oh and Emanuel and Trinity showed off their skills at recognizing street signs.

Walking with mini bubble break

Checking out ants

Afterwards we had some celebratory bubbles from a walk well done!


I have to say there are some beautiful flowers out and about now!

The kids called this the caterpillar tree


I just love the colours on these!

Trinity has been hard at work with her new workbooks from Izzy and Henry. She is in love with workbooks… as long as they aren’t too heavy on what she calls the difficult stuff.

Diving head on

Such lovely colouring on her dot to dot

Our Mother’s day book for the day was No Time For Mother’s Day by Laurie Halse Anderson. I had each of the kids make a mini Mother’s Day card just like they did in class in the book.

Mother’s Day cards

I was showing the boys some handwriting as an introduction of something we plan on covering in the fall. Gavin took initiative and copied his name from what I had shown him.


Leave it up to Echo to add some cuteness to our day as well!


Attempting a summersault

So Tuesday was our one kid extravaganza… first a visit with Bree (Echo’s Godmommy don’t you know?) at her work – Caribou Coffee…

With her Godmommy

Such a big girl

Then the traditional groping of the yarn at JoAnn’s… where Echo found an adorable headband!

Checking out the sunroof in Nana and Baba’s car

The headband… not bad for a dollar


We went to the nearby mall to make use of a Victoria’s Secret freebie coupon and wandered around letting Echo see what caught her fancy. Late lunch at Zantigo and we were well relaxed and pleased with our day, making it home well before our 4pm curfew. The other 4 had a grand time at the zoo with Nana and Baba, seeing critters and having a picnic!

Lunch out

It was nice

Enjoy the pictures! I actually had the chance to wear my special dress that I bought way back when with my Christmas funds!

I need to do some rather more posed images

Me and my Baby

Just us girls… note the lovely RED lippy! Thanks for the help on that one Bree!!

Just need to learn how to make Victory Rolls!

What a Weekend

April 20-21

I do love a good weekend… and this one has been a combination of busy and quiet. We really had no plans for Saturday and with a thick layer of snow still in evidence we could only go to the Home Depot and LOOK at our tree choices. With Earth day on the 22nd, and snow still here our plant a tree for the day is really not possible… yet! But we are going to spend much of next week discussing Earth day and what WE can do to help the Earth. And then, once the snow melts, Nana and Baba will have a tree added to their landscaping.

Emanuel took some time out and made us a Triceratops out of Play Doh… he is such a dinosaur pro now!

Sorry, Ken took the picture

It was crafting completions for yours truly. I completed TWO projects… a bag by CrochetSpot for an upcoming birthday.


And a hat for Miss Lily… pattern from Stitch11.

Lily’s lovely hat

There was also straw to be stacked in anticipation of warmer and dryer times! (apparently there will be planters)

Ready for planters

Sunday was special for Ken and myself… we had a DATE date. An afternoon (and a bit of the morning) without the kids, with some bonus money and a list of wishes… at the top of the list… a new bathing suit, my first in years and my first one piece in even longer! Bettie Page Clothing for the win!!!


I actually managed to do quite well, with money left to think about! 

Such a selection

Ken took a picture for me during our lunch from Pita Pit… hair down and everything.

Lunch for 2

I did unearth a dress that Nana and Baba brought Echo back from the Dominican last year… so of course we had to take photos. 

Little Sweety

Pretty in Pink

So even with the snow we managed a rather enjoyable weekend! I promise better swimsuit pictures very soon!

Feathers and all!