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Her Holiday Family… a book review

From a fantastic young adult novel to a light Christian based romance. Her Holiday Family by Ruth Logan Herne is a story to enjoy on a quiet afternoon. Dealing with family rifts is never simple, especially when it comes out of nowhere and blinds you. When forgiveness is slow to come and life an uphill battle love is rarely at the front of one’s mind. Neither is reconnecting with someone tied to a difficult time long past.

There are many elements in this story… a broken family, sudden death, arson, foster children and adoption, cancer… Both of the main characters are coming from a place of pain and heart ache. One has lost both her parents and her hard earned business, the other faces losing his father and the reality of his culpability (or lack there was) to an incident that has haunted him since his youth.

There is a definite mystery, a strong romantic element and, of course, a lovely dose of Christmas spirit. Based in Kirkwood Lake (and fifth in the Kirkland Lake series), Tina Martinelli and Max Campbell have a history unresolved and a future unplanned. Tina is in Kirkwood Lake only as long as it takes for her to sort out her burnt out cafe and help out the Campbell family while the patriarch deals with a severe return of his cancer. Max is back from his time in the army to do the same. The big question is who will stay and will they find peace, faith and love?

I really enjoyed this novel. Though I found some of the emotional strife a little bit self imposed on the characters (as indeed it turns out some of it is!). A nice seasonal read if you are looking for some Christmas cheer!22557429._UY475_SS475_

Including Memories in a Project

Today’s colour was Kelly Green. This was actually chosen as a pure coincidence but has great meaning for both the recipient of this blanket and myself. Towards the end of last year we said good bye to a good friend and fellow mom of multiples Kelly after a hard battle with an aggressive cancer. She was an inspiration and an amazing friend and mother.IMAG2150

I love that her name has popped up in this project. A lovely reminder that even though someone may leave you in body their spirit is always there. So in every green row there is a little bit more love stitched in.

I am still not happy with the quality of colour in these photos. I hope to get the true boldness and richness of the colours caught one of these days.

I am still not happy with the quality of colour in these photos. I hope to get the true boldness and richness of the colours caught one of these days.

IMAG2149We will always miss Kelly but we will also always remember the good times, the inspirational words she shared with us and the time spent with her either in person or online. This colour, so bright and warm is absolutely the perfect representation of this for my friend. And that it was chosen purely by coincidence.IMAG2152

IMAG2151There is something highly appropriate about the colour green standing for a person who has passed on. Green is for growth and life and change, a reminder that we need to continue on in her stead. That we have the additional task to make this world brighter just as she did and would want us to.IMAG2169