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March Already! Woo!

Here I go, March 2018… catching up in a timely manner. YES! Or not… my fast and furious blogging took a hit with the much anticipated Karyn visit AND a semi surprise last minute Shauna and Jeff down from Canada weekend. And then life in general kicked my butt… but here I am.20180328_234601

So… March, what was March… it ended in Easter weekend. So we had our own little egg hunt in the house. The twins did the hiding for the younger 3.20180331_121040







We also decorated eggs.20180331_150916




And even made square ones!IMG_20180331_214359_802


The other “themed” day was St. Patrick’s Day. We had all sorts of green stuff going on.IMG_20180317_100926_312



I jumped all in on working on Irish and Celtic knots. I have purchased a few books and some lovely satin cord. Definitely a skill I need to find time in the fall to continue with.20180317_153021



I invested in some gorgeous reversible sari skirts which I can tell you NOW I wore ALL summer. There is something amazing about wearing bright colours and patterns that swish when you walk.



There was plenty of time spent at the YMCA, of course. I hope it has been at least somewhat fun for the staff to be such a major part of my kids’ growth and enjoyment!20180325_111909




I took a walk down memory lane and bought a Tamagotchi! If you don’t know what that is… well I won’t ask your age, cuz that could end up sad.IMG_20180323_215210_715


There was plenty of time spent petting the fluff that is the chinchilla.IMG_20180330_130357_717



Echo lost teeth, important teeth – the front ones – and they took FOREVER to grow back in.IMG_20180319_195807_664



I got in my crafting time. Crochet keeps me sane after all.Message_1520976686682


And we did plenty of school.IMG_20180313_113943_664

Ken and I even snuck in some dinners out dressed to impress.IMG_20180316_224326_543


And we helped celebrate Jeffrey’s birthday. Which ALSO means, Mystro pics! You can thank me later!20180303_202457



I love how the twins can be before and after pics at the same time.IMG_20180331_222318_219

My final thought on this quick WAY belated peek back at March… WOW was my hair long!!! And that is that.20180308_141649


Yup it is Tuesday

Today we watched some videos with Irish dancing. I definitely have to share them both. Trinity also coloured an Irish Dancer today. You can find her on Education.com right HERE

We finished assembling some simple games – the Currclick Irish themed matching game (seriously check out their site and search St. Patrick’s Day… this is the freebie, link on right side of my blog), and then another from Education.com – a math activity – Pots of Gold. Not overly difficult addition and subtraction but a good revision and a chance for the boys to teach their brother.

Filling the pots with gold

We did our “smelly shamrock” craft today… pretty simple – you need either to print out the shamrocks on green paper or do what we did and have a template (great practice with cutting shapes), some green jell-o (I used jell-o brand, I wonder if the no name brand would smell as good… white glue and paint brushes. You can find the instructions HERE. We will have to see how smelly they are tomorrow, but we have plenty of jell-o powder to make more. 

Applying the glue

We coloured some simple Celtic knots, Our favourite UK site has some great St. Patrick’s Day printables. You can find some HERE.

With Emanuel and Trinity's knots

It was library today so Karyn, myself and Trinity and Emanuel made the trip to the downtown branch. Karyn alerted me to the fact that there is a substantial teen rated manga section in the upper levels… so I now have some reading to do! I still want to PURCHASE the back Gin Tama volumes but for now I can catch up and enjoy them, temporarily. AND the first 3 of Mushi-shi… YAY. 

Craft time


We have a couple crafts to get working on over the next few days… I just need to find the time to make one of them myself first. I am hoping that we can just keep on having bits of fun through out the next two weeks and still find progression occurring… I have a few more books from the library to read tomorrow and of course more videos to watch. And that WIP to come back to… I promise more pictures are to come! 

A moment of quiet play before Baby Sister of Doom attacked!