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July Long Past

Well, my goal of making my blog up to date BEFORE the end of January was a bit of a miss! But, amazingly enough, I have posted more than 2000 blog posts since I began this site! What a stretch! But then again, I have enjoyed pretty much every addition to it.

Now that I have posted June it is time to look at July… Canada Day, Independence Day… we manage both sides of the coin this month. You can see our Canada Day finery HERE and Independence Day HERE. We were spoiled with also spending a portion of cousin Gabbi’s birthday with her since it too is on July 4th and their vacation had stretched to meet the date.DSCN0723DSCN0538

We had amazing Pad Thai dinner with the Schwartz family… which also included time with the always entertaining Mystro (cue Echo asking ONCE AGAIN when we will get a cat, even the pictures set her off lately!).DSCN0562

DSCN0561DSCN0556We had an awesome time at Aidan’s Lego themed birthday party. Darcy went all out with the theme and Emanuel was over the moon to see at least one of his scouting buddies when they were not in session.DSCN0569

DSCN0571DSCN0588I wish I had the talent Darcy has with cakes. I am honestly more of a go to Target and order a cake kinda girl lately.DSCN0564

July was also when Grandpa Mike made his bike trip up through Minnesota. We got a whole afternoon/evening with him (minus swimming lessons). The kids were over the moon with the visit.DSCN0712

On the phone with Grandma

On the phone with Grandma

Showing him the nearby park (Echo was napping)

Showing him the nearby park (Echo was napping)

He even took us out to Wendy’s for dinner! It was the longest we ever sat there and one of the most enjoyable ever.DSCN0717

DSCN0718Sadly he had to bike on earlier than expected the next day when he got news of a need to visit family up in Ontario. But it was a good visit and the kids still remember it fondly.DSCN0721

We had plenty of time for learning and school in July with cousins back home and the weather rather fine.

Gavin is working on his art skills

Gavin is working on his art skills

Wild Kratts: fossa

Wild Kratts: fossa

DSCN0725DSCN0724Miss Echo was a laugh and a half most of the time.DSCN0731

DSCN0751But we made LOTS of time for the pool. And in turn my sewing time. After all, sunshine, warm weather and a pool in the yard… why stay inside?DSCN0748

DSCN0839Towards the end of July we were able to also make it to Alex’s birthday. Another awesome day, though we had to leave early to make it to YMCA lessons (did I ever get a lecture from the kids for that one!).DSCN0770

DSCN0766DSCN0797We lucked out with weather and free time and managed to meet up with the Novaks at one of their local splash pads. It is easier each year to go out and just relax, what with the older Novak boys and our own kids being older. A lot less micro managing. It is nice!DSCN0825

DSCN0829DSCN0831Multiple visits with the Novaks and the Schwartz family were experienced in July. Poor Trinity, so many boys!!!DSCN0761


Extra bonus – visit with Alicia and Cousin Robbie. She is off to university in the fall!!DSCN0832

We rounded out the month with swimming lessons. I am so pleased with how well all of our kids are doing. We are going to end up with little fishes very soon!!!DSCN0842

And of course continued our archery, cooking and running classes at the YMCA thanks to Nana and Baba!DSCN0808

DSCN0807So really July was an exercise in making the most of fun in the sun! We didn’t do half bad did we???DSCN0837

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Just a Look at June

From May right into busy June… our anniversary, my birthday, Father’s day, VBS and an extended cousins visit from Florida… oh and schooling and the first day of summer. If anything June is NEVER boring for this family.DSCN0190

We slipped some school in around the cousins, but for the most part this was a true summer break for the kids and school.DSCN0203

IMAG2969You never knew WHO was going to come to class… a princess, a batgirl… ever changing.DSCN0194DSCN0188DSCN0191

We pulled out the pool and dusted off the playset. With the cousins around there was lots to do around the house.DSCN0221DSCN0200

DSCN0209The boys were quick to settle down around the computers in the sub basement room.DSCN0197

Echo and I took advantage of the break from school and enjoyed the sun and quiet in the sunroom until the high point of the day when it was simply too warm to do so!DSCN0205

DSCN0226DSCN0198We managed to see our friends play soccer…

Go Evan!

Go Evan!


Nathan watching his brother before HIS game

Nathan watching his brother before HIS game


Go Nathan!

Go Nathan!

Found time for the beach…DSCN0269

DSCN0270DSCN0274DSCN0279DSCN0276IMAG0130Got to craft at a special Target event…DSCN0287

DSCN0291With the highlight of the cousin visit being a family trip to Mall of America for food AND rides in the amusement park! Thanks Nana and Baba!

Silly boys

Silly boys


Lego store too... of course!

Lego store too… of course!

DSCN0352Ken and I even snuck away to watch our god son (Anthony) play soccer.DSCN0358

DSCN0362DSCN0370DSCN0383With Aidan benched due to a bad concussion before school was out we made quite a few visits to their house for somewhat quiet, relaxed play.DSCN0393


Gavin and I went to one of Alex's baseball games

Gavin and I went to one of Alex’s baseball games

and watched?

and watched?

DSCN0458And somehow managed to sneak in a week of VBS with the church that runs the day care that Schwartz kids go to.

Party poppers

Party poppers

end of VBS dinner

end of VBS dinner

IMAG0046We even had Aidan over for a sleepover.DSCN0429

DSCN0430DSCN0435The kids were enrolled in summer courses at the YMCA thanks to Nana and Baba. Zander took run club, Emanuel a cooking class, and Gavin and Trinity were in archery while miss Echo loved the daycare time.DSCN0436

Add to that the fun of preparing for an October wedding with my high school besty Shandai and I have to say… the most unusual month EVER! At least for this year.DSCN0437




Tiny hats! Ready for the wedding

Tiny hats! Ready for the wedding

We fit in a second visit to the beach with the Schwartz boys and I even had a full sighting of the elusive “other cat” as Echo has termed her, while crafting with Renee.DSCN0479

DSCN0478DSCN0480DSCN0492And as the photos prove – I was never far from a crafting project. Sunshine and fresh air go best with crochet. I swear it!DSCN0464

DSCN0448There was a whole lot more to see… so be sure to follow on to the overflow post for the rest! Thank you for reminiscing with me, it was quite a month!DSCN0202

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The November Nutshell

And now for November… another month in a rather long nutshell!!! I have to admit… with all the Christmas stitching, school, swim lessons (cooking for the twins) and actual sales and commissions… my blog has languished a little.

Of course November is the month of AMERICAN Thanksgiving… ever confusing on a THURSDAY no less. This was an unusual one for us as Nana and Baba headed off to Florida to spend it with the other grandkids… but we persevered.101_9983

Thankful hands tree

Thankful hands tree

We had leaves to bag up still… great exercise for the boys and they were even relatively willing. Of course you can see the amazing colours better on a previous entry where we had the whole family out there dealing with the leaves on the ground HERE.101_9987

101_9989We did leave time for some mini fashion. Trinity is already able to wear some of the rather funky and fun clothing left to her by her cousin Gabriella when they left for Florida!101_9996

Of course we had to take advantage of the week of free online books through Bookit this month as well. Each one narrated with terrific pictures.101_9999

We had a blast learning about and building our own volcano. Science has always been the one thing we have struggled with in our homeschool life. Getting enough in, being organized but the whole family is quick to jump on board with a good craft and activity… add in chemicals (even ones as benign as vinegar and baking soda) and a little explosion and even Echo was there for the fun. This was the first time I sat down and talked to them about things like earthquakes and really looked into what damage a volcano can do to the land and the people around it.102_0015

102_0017IMAG0512Our November was full of visits with our favourite baby and his brothers… Jeffrey is definitely growing like a weed!102_0030

102_0032102_0037We also made it outside to enjoy the snow. What a difference from last year’s excessive cold and snow!!!102_0005

102_0064At the end of the month we pulled out the tree and fixings which of course is one of my favourite backdrops for photos. It always feels like the season is coming when we bring out the stockings. I am very proud of how they turned out. Though Ken STILL does not have a special stocking. You can check out the full blog post of family photos HERE.IMAG0517

IMAG0521IMAG0532A few helpful Thanksgiving books:

Our Thanksgiving was spent with Aunty Judy, Uncle Jim and Cousin Robbie. It was quiet and fun and full of delicious food! We were so thankful they could make it to the meal that the kids planned and shopped for! The twins were real troopers making up the grocery list and doing the choosing at Sam’s Club themselves!

Zander and the twins' Thanksgiving grocery list

Zander and the twins’ Thanksgiving grocery list

IMAG0478IMAG0480IMAG0483I snuck in a ladies outing with Nana over at Renee’s. We made woven fabric baskets and played with Mystro. Not the simplest craft but not impossible. You can find the instructions HERE thanks to Terry Atkinson. IMAG0391

IMAG0390School wise we have seen an influx in art interest. Art for Kids is win win with us!102_0019


Echo's more free style work using photopaper and sharpie

Echo’s more free style work using photopaper and sharpie

Add in some completions and workbook interest…102_0006

102_0020And some rather amazing Halloween lapbook completions! 102_0010

102_0011102_0047102_0049I think we accomplished much of what we had hoped to this November. Add in swimming and scouts, Sunday School and choir and we have become way more busy than we expected! Thank goodness the arctic chill has not appeared! Do enjoy the overflow images for the LONG belated month of November HERE.

Emanuel swimming with a noodle!

Emanuel swimming with a noodle!