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Found in South America, the Carnotaurus had a rather intimidating visage. The flesh eating bull had dangerous horns on its head and a yen for meat. Found in the Cretaceous period, this carnivore had near useless front arms and hands but powerful legs. Though there HAS been some debate as to what it DID eat… with both carnivore and herbivore teeth.

We found this dinosaur in our book

But, onto the videos… and we have an ADORABLE one that we had to watch TWICE! You will have to go TO youTube to see this animated short HERE. Our second video was much shorter…

There was also an interesting RADIO piece about our carnivore with CBC.ca (back to my roots)… Quirks and Quarks… a show I used to listen to with my dad as a child! You can listen in HERE.

Now enough of that… links!

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    THREE interested this time!


There dragons and then there are “real” dragons… Dracorex is a dinosaur that looks like a dragon… and the kids LOVED it! This carnivore has an amazing skull, are horns and bumps… A Cretaceous Period dinosaur this herbivore ran on two legs and is thought to be an animal that ran in herds. Found in South Dakota it was named by children with a reference to Harry Potter in the second half of its name.

Really main interest for our two intrepid dino hunters was how much it looked like a dragon!!

Our video is regarding the tv show Primeval… The Real Creatures of Primeval: Dracorex.

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In the plains of Asia during the Jurassic period you could find roaming the earth a rather large herbivore called the Shunosaurus. Found specifically in China, it is the only known saurapod with a club on the end of its tail (probably used for defense). A number of skeletons have been recovered of this dinosaur, making it one of the best known of its species.

And now for the videos! First of all is the “live action” fight between our Shunosaurus and two Sinraptors. Quite the chase!

The second one is from the Inedine Dinosaur Show with his piece on our Chinese herbivore.

And now for our link list!

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    Long neck and tail