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Penguin Resources

So from platypuses to penguins… we are truly into the “P” critters!! So of course it is time for a resource blog!

Free lapbooks!


Helpful Websites



  • Paper Loop Penguins at Crafty-Crafted.com
  • Enjoy a colour wheel with Art Projects for Kids. This is not so much a craft but a simple printable set up with all the colours, complementary, cold and warm… great illustration of it.
  • Penguin finger puppets at Fantastic Find

Of course there is always a video to supplement. If you want the cliff notes version of Captain Cook (the explorer our first penguin is named after)? Check out Crash Course World History on youTube.

We did have a video to watch:

No video to embed, but if you go to Amazon… Dirty Jobs included looking after Penguins at a zoo in an episode HERE. As there is a misunderstanding as to WHAT Captain Cook is early in the book, there is a small section on the dodo… I decided to do a little searching for some resources…

We had two videos we watched, TED only is relevant to the process of a Mythbusters host creating his own skeleton but some amazing shots of it and his reference.

And a museum short from Manchester

Some of the penguins were named after obvious famous people. We watched videos about some of the more interesting (to our boys) characters… First Columbus.

Ferdinand Magellan

And two about Robert Falcon Scott

Chapter 13 deals with music AND training animals. So there is the music link for The Merry Widow Waltz HERE. And then Schubert’s Military March on youTube.

For trained animals we chose to take a peek at the trained cormorants in China. There is a list on the lapbook file of other options but this one seemed to scream our kids’ interest.

Mr. Popper starts his travels with the penguins in Seattle. So of course we had to check out a tourist video..


Family and Friends that are Family

April 7-8

Sometimes there really isn’t too much you can do to help family… but Sunday we managed to do our part. Anthony is still in hospital which has Darcy there as well… and while he is better he is not yet ready to be home. So that left Andy and the remaining 3 “A’s” home alone. With a request only Ken could fill we met up with them on Sunday at BestBuy to pick up a necessary piece of equipment for our lonely sickee. We picked up our birthday present for him as well, his very own Minecraft subscription. We were going to wait until his party but as plan have stalled (of course) we figured why not now?

So with 8 kids and 3 adults (two of which were not only male but busy talking electronics), I was VERY thankful for the test electronics available for the kids to bang around on (gently of course).

8 kids at BestBuy – Not bad!

Right to the Apple products

And computers too

Where the menfolk were the whole time

After that we went over to the Novak’s to set up the specs on the new machine… Echo was rather put out not to find her Nee Nee or Darcy there!

Setting things right

Then onto our original plan of spending Easter money!  

So much fun shopping with the kids

Of course one Skylander came home as well

Monday was back to our schooling… with the good news that Anthony was heading home as well! 

We had our Mr. Popper’s penguin chapter… I am loving this lapbook we found to go with it though I have found some minor errors. I found a site with some penguin crafts… Crafty-Crafted. We chose the Paper Loop Penguin.

All at work

Completed penguins

Our second book is The Pebble First Guide to Penguins by Katy R. Kudela.

With multiple illustrations

And then to round off our day after penguins, reading, spelling and more… Wild Kratts!

The Spider Monkey

Not the busiest of Mondays but when I look back at the stack we are creating for our penguin lapbook I feel like we are really learning something new. 17 types of penguins later and so far the Macaroni penguin is the favourite — just due to the name really. There are murmurings of wanting to learn about PANDAs next… maybe!

Gotta love the new rubber boots