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An End to the Platypus Learning


For all our Dr. Seuss resources check out the blog entry: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

February 27-28

What is one of the most famous and well known Dr. Seuss books? Why The Cat In The Hat of course! And today, that was the book we started our day with. We had THREE crafty things to do, colouring pages and everything. Of course there is the tv show The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That. I will try and connect this page (and the other Dr. Seuss ones) to our resource entry.

Dr. Seuss themed math

The boys and their rhyming words

Our second book was One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Gavin read the first half and I read the second. I have a couple food items intending to represent this book for our Saturday feast. Actually we are having a Dr. Seuss WEEKEND as I think there will be a party in his honour at the Novak’s on Sunday too! I am really looking forward to that!

Listening to Gavin

We continued our platypus assembly, the boys are taking turns choosing the page colours and we are slowly gluing all our bits like a rather giant and unusual puzzle. I am really amazed at how much we have to share in our lapbook!

We made up personalize Cat in the Hat faces… I love the creativity… note Emanuel’s is a DOLPHIN face and Zander’s a PLATYPUS!


As a family we did TWO crafts… we started on our Cat in the Hat table centerpiece and our Thing 1 and 2 hand pictures. Everyone was involved in everything it was so much fun!

Working together

Daddy and Echo

Paint and baby

Of course we ended the day with the cartoon The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.


The book of the day for the 28th, the last day of February was the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We had some worksheets and colouring pages. This was the first time the kids had heard this classic. I definitely want to add this one to our library!

Trinity’s Grinch page for what she learned!

I love Trinity’s what she learned: I learned you shouldn’t take things. Christmas is about being with the people you love, but not meany guys. You should not take presents. You should not let bad Santa take the presents. You should say no. 

Drawing the Grinch thanks to Activity Village (see the resource page)

I have started trying to get Echo to sit on the potty. We are going to have to cave and attempt the Easy Ups. Sadly they are for such a huge span of weight I am a little concerned about her swimming in them but attempting to convince Echo to sit on the potty when we have to remove her diaper each time is not easy!

NOT an enthused trainer… we may not quite be ready yet

Another new Wild Kratts, another poster. I have always love the giraffe.

Giraffes on the Savannah

We even finished our Thing 1’s and 2’s. But since we are FIVE we had 1 through 5. The kids loved them and the faces are a total giggle. I think these are a keeper for me to bring out each year. Maybe even frame on a wall in our future home??

Our Things 1 through 5

The kids were rather hard at work at the end of the month. Their reading goals were met AGAIN! And worksheets, math etc all done. 

Hard at work

We also got our table cleared of all things previous holiday and have the Dr. Seuss pieces ready and waiting for our party on the 2nd. 

Ready for the weekend, just need that blue tablecloth!

We ended our day with the new Grinch movie starting Jim Carey. It was better than I expected and the kids really enjoyed it.

You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch…

 I will leave you with a few pages of our FINISHED Platypus lapbook! We are so excited to have completed this project. You will be able to find ALL my resources etc by clicking on the link I will put at the top of all the platypus entries!! 

Platypus pages! We will be placing this all in a binder once I hunt down my box of them in the house somewhere.

Reaching a New Routine

January 22-23

Two more days and the kids are still settling into the routine of Daddy leaving each day and this is him leaving around lunchtime. The following week is going to take further adjustment! But it is a good adjustment.

We get creative to fill the time! I think those are zombies and ghosts on there???

So in the meantime I am packing our days with learning… and while the kids are not always on board we are seeing progress in many things. Just need to get science pushed on into our weekly schedule on a more regular basis. I cannot wait until it is warm enough to order our ants. We did get our time in on a special two part Wild Kratts. Dolphins AND Blowfish. I think we all learned a bit!



There was some spontaneous paper crafting with all 4 of our big kids… they made crowns!

Zander and Gavin



And then Trinity and Emanuel took the stickers Aunty Karyn brought for us from Dollarama and made special space pictures…

Space… the final frontier

Add in the boardgames and we played our way to education.

Candyland for 2

Oh and the progress on Gavin’s Lego hour creation!!!

Legoland Gavin style

I treated myself to another snack thanks to Karyn – beloved Cheezies… bliss!!!!


On Wednesday we celebrated another month of reading… Emanuel got his first pizza coupon for working each day on sounding out and writing out a new word. I am so proud of their progress! This Pizza Hut sponsored program is great!!


But before that lovely dinner we had a few things to accomplish… Starting with a more simplified how to from Art for Kids – a ladybug, note Zander’s hand holding his!

Lovely scene!

Gavin spent some quality time with his baby sister playing HER version of Skylanders… some sort of weird noised back and forth with various figures that would then end up in the line again!

So sweet with her big brother

And then there is our scissors practice – Trinity is getting rather pro with her S snake from Activity Village!!

All by herself!

And to round off our creativity Zander made a rather amazing sailing pirate ship out of Legos!

VERY yellow

It feels good to see them independently create a little more! And to see some passion in our work.

Daddy and his little darling