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October, the New Month of Looooooovveee

Annnnddddd now we are onto October… and October of 2015 was a doozy. Not only did we have Halloween to contend with (and 5 costumes of which were all somewhat handmade), but a very important wedding. It is not every day you get to be in a THEMED wedding in a park for a friend who is more a sister to you than pretty much anyone on the planet. AND see her looking gorgeous and feel rather pretty yourself to boot. HEREIMG_20151011_003110

Halloween this year was the year of all handmade… each and every costume had at least a touch of our personal handy work on it. HERE.

Echo and zombie (?) Alex

Echo and zombie (?) Alex

October is also Ken’s birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving… both of which we celebrate.DSCN1196[1]

IMAG1025There is the usual, swim lessons at the YMCA thanks to Nana and Baba… and Home Depot…IMAG0931

Homeschool, of course… when are we not learning something new…DSCN1225[1]

DSCN1241[1]DSCN1248[1]DSCN1250[1]DSCN1249[1]October just happens to be the month when the trees in our backyard look their finest. And then when the ground looks its most amazing. I could not resist a full on photo shoot of everyone and everything. You can see the rest of the leaf pictures HERE.DSCN1201[1]

DSCN1203[1]DSCN1205[1]We really had a crafty and active month.





DSCN1251[1]DSCN1253[1]As well as some time with games indoors…

Working on our spelling

Working on our spelling

DSCN1229[1]With company as well…







Fun with Scouts…IMG_20151025_171505

IMAG1112And Sunday School of course!IMG_20151004_110636

I have to admit, I love October more when we are in Minnesota… the colours here are so… amazing!!!DSCN1257[1]


 Top it off with random images and what a great month!IMG_20151005_152831



Some Helpful Thanksgiving Links and Remembrance Day

Well I am clearing up my emails as I work on the blog, sewing and school… so what do I come across but my emails to myself about Thanksgiving! And Remembrance Day to boot! Well I figured I might as well share the helpful links here. If nothing else, the next time I search Thanksgiving or Remembrance Day here on the blog to find useful resources I will be in luck!

  • Kids National Geographic and their interpretation of the first Thanksgiving HERE
  • Social Studies for Kids and their thoughts on the Mayflower HERE
  • Reading With Kids turkey colour by letters HERE
  • Havefunteaching.com Harvest Festival explanation HERE
  • Kids Puzzles and Games Harvest Festival Puzzle Sheet HERE
  • Busy Teacher Thankful Tree Leaves writing template HERE
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Thanksgiving fun page HERE
  • Crewsnest Harvest Festival run down HERE

Remembrance Day!

  • Words of Remembrance Day cards through Activity Village HERE
  • Homeschooling.About.Com Veterans Day word search HERE
  • Parenting.Leehansen.com poppy colouring page HERE

A Halloween bonus!

  • Happy Home Fairy Pumpkin game HERE
A taste of fall to enjoy at the end. Minnesota has some amazing colour in the fall.

A taste of fall to enjoy at the end. Minnesota has some amazing colour in the fall.