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Holiday Flirts!

With Halloween fast approaching the first in the anothology Holiday Flirts! by Lisa Scott was right on track. This Halloween themed piece was a lovely read about a divorcee who was trying to figure out how to get back on her feet and maybe fall in love. A great start to a  holiday themed series. Of course, as with all the anthologies by Lisa Scott, there are common threads tying each story together ending with a final romance that draws back everyone from the previous couplings. 

Focused around Halloween, Christmas and New Years, these contemporary romances are light hearted and fun. Each couple has its issues, each person their failings and worries but in the end it is all about finding love. And best of all, each is a short chapter long (but complete) story about their search for romance. So you can sit and read one or all depending on your mood and time frame. 

All of Lisa Scott’s short romantic stories are a treat and Holiday Flirts! Does not disappoint. At this point I have reviewed multiple anthologies by her. You can hunt down my reviews by searching Lisa Scott Book Reviews in my browser top right or skip me all together and go right to her official page HERE. If you want a touch of whimsy, some seasonal fun and a good romance or 5… Holiday Flirts! Is the perfect choice! 02HolidayFlirtsCollection