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Oh Canada…

How we miss you! And how the boys asked so politely to do a FULL unit on you. And with that… time to share our resources!!! It is mostly a book like, but I figured… time to get this puppy posted. Remember to research interesting topics… I would suggest the following:

  • Inukshuks
  • First Nations
  • Beavers
  • Dinosaurs
  • RCMP
  • Kermode Bear
  • The “new” Territories
  • Canada Geese
  • Poutine
  • Maple Syrup

The list goes on! Good luck and enjoy.. eh.


BOOKS (and there are a few!)


  • Families of Canada from the Families of the World series. The link is to the 2015 version. We had the 2005 one from the library.

USEFUL SITES (quick links to their Canada resources… good luck!)

  • Kidzone HERE
  • SuperTeacher Worksheets HERE
  • Today I Found Out (on the flag) HERE
  • FactSlides.com HERE
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie HERE
  • EasyScienceForKids worksheet HERE
  • ISLCollective has some worksheets HERE

Of course we used Activity Village for resources and did lots of colouring. Education.com has a bit, HERE is my collection. It is well worth it to do a search on dinosaurs found in Canada. We used to live near the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is an amazing dinosaur museum with some very new finds. Do check out their site HERE. Macleans also has a 10 coolest dinosaurs article to get you started HERE. Check out Global’s piece on a new dinosaur find HERE.

It is really past time for me to post this! So I am glad to get it up. I am sure we will cover our homeland once again in 2017. With it being a landmark year (150) I will try to find some interesting ways to learn even more about Canada in all her glory. Wish me luck!20160629_190711

And So We Go…

I love listening to the boys chat lately. With Zander downstairs being tutored on space and Gavin up here with his sewing they have things to share with each other. Today was no different… With the changing of the month we had a lovely large piece of paper from our January desk calendar page. So we flipped it over and they set to work after lunch on creating a masterpiece. I understand that stars are HOT, the sun is the biggest AND Zander does NOT want to go into space. 

Space, rocket and all

We are working hard on our math this year. Gavin spent some time helping Zander as he seems to catch on slightly faster, but they are both showing progression. I am especially impressed by the reading progress, I hope that for our reading week this year each of the boys will read their siblings a story themselves.We are finally feeling like they are getting a firm basic understanding of those things most important for further learning. 

Math math math

More Lego creations appeared this afternoon as well… and Emanuel and I worked on his workbook. We are trying to work on the sounds words start with as well as continue practicing his printing, he has not been a very willing student lately though. Tomorrow is a pretty big day for Emanuel actually – he turns 6!! 

Dinosaur family courtesy of Emanuel

Train, tracks and dinos

Echo has decided that walking IS rather enjoyable AND gets attention so has been doing it more and more. Ken was right, she is absolutely adorable walking around and being so tiny. 

We have a houseguest for a while. Sean had an accident at work and broke his foot so he weathered the drive here last night and has parked himself in our basement for the weekend. Echo was overjoyed as she woke up late last night and spent a lovely hour or more watching cartoons with her favourite uncle. 


I finished my first hair things of the year. Valentine’s theme of course. The ribbon was wired (well the heart ribbon) which is a bit different from my norm, but I have enough left to try one more bow out and then be done the roll. It felt good to get creating for my own family again! On top of that I found a pair of red toddler socks so I can make an owl for a friend. I just need to hunt down the picture of the face I used on the other red sock owls to reproduce. 

Trinity's is on the left of course

And now I have the evening to myself. Hard to believe my baby boy is 6 tomorrow, followed quickly on Sunday by the twins turning 8! It is an even year for the Reinsch-Johnson family, by the end of the year we will be 8,8,6,4, and 2. My babies are growing up!

The littlest of our babies