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Process is being made on catching up… but first… a look WAAAAY back at another dinosaur. 


We are enjoying the unusual dinosaurs lately. Suchomimus is another of these. This “crocodile mimic” is a carnivore and a piscivore (fish eater… a new term for us!!). This Cretaceous period predator was found in Africa. Only one incomplete skeleton has been found. It had long front arms to grab fish, a long snout and large claws… like a crocodile that could walk on two legs!!

Now for our videos… First Tribute to Suchomimus by Tyrannotitan.

A silhouette piece called PBA: Spinosaurus vs Suchomimus by MatromX.

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  • Our colouring page is found on deviantArt HERE. The artist is H-Box and you can see their artist’s page HERE.


Another day another dinosaur… the Ouranosaurus was a sail backed, plant eating dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. Found in Africa, it had an impressive silhouette that meant the sail probably helped regulate temperature (although a site does place this dinosaur in China). It’s name means “brave lizard” and it potentially walked on two and 4 feet.

Now for our videos… Ouranosaurus Nugeriensis, a documentary style video.

And the second, a Planet Dinosaur video…

And now the links…

  • EnchantedLearning HERE
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Found in the Triassic period, this early theropod was a dominante predator in Argentine (South America). The Herrerasaurus had short forearms with claws on its fingers. 3 partial fossils have been found and it is not until the 80’s that a skull was recovered. To date this dinosaur is one of the earliest known to roam the earth! Quite the interesting critter.

We have TWO videos… first I’m a Dinosaur…

…and second, a drawing video by Brooks Leibee.

And now for the links… Jurassic park has our dinosaur HERE. The EnchantedLearning fact sheet is HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their charts and map HERE. Of course Dinosaurs.about.com has their usual set up HERE. Animal Planet has an article HERE. UCMP has an article with links to lecture notes HERE. Britannica has an article HERE and of course you can check out Wiki right HERE. Our colouring page is from deviantArt and our favourite dinosaur artist Zakafreakarama. You can find the page HERE and his page HERE.

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