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A Curvy Coldwater Christmas… a book review

How can one resist a story that is free on the Kindle AND has the title Cozy Coldwater Chrismas… so many “C’s”. Now this novella by Jenn Roseton is simple a blip on the radar in her Coldwater Springs series… a BBW romance… I admit it I looked up on Amazon what BBW means… Big Beautiful Woman.

Anyway… curvy Kate gets asked by a friend to be Mrs. Claus to her crush Flynn’s Santa in the local Christmas parade… this quick (and I mean QUICK) read is all about the time up to the parade and a kiss that apparently requires perfecting. 

I honestly thought that Kate was cute… it did feel like the idea of her being CURVY was thrown at you often, but this could be a part of the genre. I have read many mysteries and cozies that are about a girl who is not a rail thin model and found that you really didn’t need to remind the reader all the time. 

The romance is quick, but then again the book is short. While there is not a huge amount of room for development and the dialogue MR and MRS Claus were practicing was … unusual, the book brought a smile to my face and was an enjoyable way to spend a soak in the tub after a long day. 

A contemporary romance for a short read do check out Cozy Coldwater Christmas. Curvy-Coldwater-Xmas-final

The Willowdale Romance Short Story Collection

Unlike other anthologies by Lisa Scott, the first in the Willowdale collection is only 3 stories long. In The Willowdale Romance books we follow the romances of 3 young women who become friends in the first story. Tonya from New York is first, a hairdresser and a catalyst, Jeanne the chef and Kate the local girl are friends in need of love. However, like her other romances… each is a short story, complete (for the most part) standing solo… except for the final that ties everything together. There is a common thread to be found in these, of course as I mentioned above, and the usual humour mixed in with romance.

Willowdale is a southern small town complete with a barber shop of dubious quality, gossiping biddies, and a couple of dishy brothers. The ending of the trio of stories is very different and no less entertaining than Lisa Scott’s other stories. Very unexpected! I loved this series of stories almost specifically for the ending. The characters are fun and well fleshed out. There is history both shared and not and a touch of wry humour when it comes love.

Contemporary romance in quicker nibbles, the Willowdale series is a wonderful afternoon read. I, as always can recommend Lisa Scott’s books whole heartedly. You can find my other reviews by typing Lisa Scott book reviews in the search engine on the right of my page. Romance with an ending I certainly did NOT see coming… be sure to check out The Willowdale collection for some contemporary fun that is neither overly graphic nor completely angsty.2940016111100_p0_v2_s260x420

One Little White Lie… a Book Review

I love it when I get the random chance to read an advance copy from an author I have not experienced before. This Australian author’s Novella was a terrific find! What do you do when your long term relationship ends and your bestfriend simply WILL NOT stop setting you up with anyone and everyone? Well… you create the perfect man and name him as your new boyfriend… What do you do when he turns out real and at an event you are invited to and announced to be this boyfriend by your bestfriend?

One Little White Lie by Loretta Hill is a humourous look at what it can be like to be the last single lady standing. With an engaged friend and a soured relationship Kate is between a rock and a hard place. Enter Henry who not only fits her description and is single but has secrets of his own. Kate’s little white lie comes true and the question becomes does she want it to truly be a lie? This romantic comedy is a giggle and a half, with people you want to love and a story you just can’t put down! Definitely a great pick me up or a cuddly read on a snowy day! 

One Little White Lie