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This Wicked Man… a Book Review

And back to the more traditional Regency era romance I go with This Wicked Man by Kate Harper. Meg Holstock, bluestocking and maiden aunt is suddenly out of a position (death of employer) and now the guardian of her sister’s son Ethan. A failure as a governess this is a totally new experience for Meg, coupled with the necessity of running a tiny run down cottage and surviving on the small allowance allotted to her by the estate.

Enter Chetwyn the wicked viscount, a man with a so called broken heart and the vices to match. A rather unusual friendship is born between the neighbours. What else but an attraction can result??

This Wicked Man has wonderful characters and witty banter. There is mention of much debauchery but it is not graphic and is rather funny more often than not (like Meg falling into a bush and interrupting an assignation when knocked over by the family dog Perseus…). Meg is enjoyable, the Viscount Chetwyn a puzzle and the story enthralling.

While not the sedate truly traditional Regency Romance, this gem by Kate Harper has humour, love and a gigantic dog to boot!

This Wicked Man

This Wicked Man