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My Week of Being Me

With the coming Lunar based celebration and the progression of time marked in the twins being firmly placed in the teen years I decided to take one of my busiest weeks (did I mention Valentine’s Day?) and re-center myself and place my focus more firmly on doing “me”.

Well, it has been a week and what have I learned?

  1. I am a pretty awesome person, and I don’t mean… hey look at me I am so awesome, but more… there is some much potential I can still tap… I have plans and ideas, more hopes and dreams than I really have examined. I don’t know if I inspire awe in others but after a week of letting my mind run unchecked at times and firmly focused on tasks at others I realize I need to be proud of myself.
  2. This week I started my journey in yoga. A special thanks to those who suggested Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. Her beginner video has me confident and ready to continue. It has lead me to realize that I can better silence all the activity in my mind. That I can find time for myself even if it has to be me saying “nope time to stop and do this activity” and ignore the busy house around me.
  3. I am a success even when I fail because I tried. Sometimes I wonder if I am good enough, strong enough, smart enough. Well, I don’t have answers to those wonders but I did realize this week that I AM enough because I give my all. My family is covered in love and good intentions because when I do these things for them that I have done for years I do them with integrity and intention. Maybe to others I need more of this aspect or the other but I know that in my success and failure I am learning and adapting which means I set an example to my children that is positive and strong. They see that I don’t give up or let it get to me, I adapt. Which is what I ask them to do.
  4. I took on a personal challenge… a week of 9 hours per day with 250+ steps per hour. Which sometimes had me hopping around like a lunatic 5 min before the hour when I got caught up in a visit or with crochet (definitely a hobby that leads to a comfortable chair and not a wandering body). But I managed. This showed me that I need to get up and move, because each day by 6pm I felt better. I wandered the house and picked up things I usually would have sent a kid to do or done later. I showed my kids that movement was a positive and that it was okay to break up a moment by moving around. And I celebrated like a silly goose often as I made my steps.Screenshot_2018-02-17-21-25-57
  5. The big thing I didn’t so much learn but had reinforced in my mind is that while my life is hectic and sometimes unconventional and occasionally a little isolating it is amazing. I am blessed and challenged at the same time. Sometimes by my own choosing and others by what life has thrown at me. It isn’t a question of changing anything or wishing I could change anything but a full realization that what I am living right now is utterly unique to me and my family. There is no true equal comparison out there to what we are as a family. There is no need for one. The love of my life is amazing, my children a challenging collection of unique humans who amaze me as they drive me mad. And without them I would not be me. Yes I don’t drive, I homeschool my kids, I am shy in public, scared of more than a few things, but I am also loved… I am strong and decisive… I support my family in so many special ways and hopefully am finding ways to do the same for friends and extended family. I love, am loved and will always find ways to share love… which makes me, my life, and those around me… AMAZING.

So as I ignored ways to compare things, my life, my appearance, my school set up, my parenting choices, my home… I freed myself up a bit. Freed myself from some self doubt, from a few fears, from little niggling obsessions I sometimes have trouble letting go of. (And maybe started the road to being a little more “bendy” as Ken would say)

I took a week of introspection and exploration and realized… why should I stop? Maybe a little less care of my appearance to others and a little more joy is what I need… oh and 3 classes a week of R.I.P.P.E.D. and some amazing documentaries with a good crochet project. Always a good crafting project… cuz creativity soothes this soul… as does making knots, origami, felting… I am branching out. So here I am embarking on a month or more of finding me in my life. Wish me luck!!!IMG_20180214_151346_502

Starting Our Memorial Day Long Weekend

May 25-26

This is our first Memorial Day weekend here in Minnesota and it was certainly not the best of weather for it. Rain, overcast and cool… not exactly proper picnic weather. That did NOT change my Saturday plans… an afternoon/evening with the lovely Lily and her mommy Bree. But first, it was time to initiate Daddy on the morning walk… all 7 of us out to enjoy the local path.

Walking the girls

Our babies

Once Bree made it all the way to our place with baby in tow to collect me she had been lost a bit and the kids here had lunch. So before we changed and fed the baby there were introductions to be made!


Friends already

We said good bye to the family and headed out to do a little baby store shopping… Then off to a rather fancy dinner at a Cafe that does a completely different set up in the evenings from their informal lunch. It was delicious, a great price and HUGE!

That is a full soft shelled crab for Bree

…and once you removed the spinach, an absolutely delicious pork sandwich for me.

Miss Lily sat well through the whole thing for us in her carseat!


With full tummies we headed back to Bree’s to sort us out and then walk for a while. They have the most amazing little free library at the end of the block… we had to go look at it, next visit I am definitely going to bring one of our double books to donate!

Little library

Poor Lily always seems to have a bath when I visit! This time in the tub.

Not pleased…

But forgiven in no time

A leisurely evening later and it was time to head back to reality. At least Ken had the kids asleep before he came and picked me up!!!

Me and my Lily bean


Look at that strong neck!!!

Oh, and did I mention we stopped at Dairy Queen?? Walking distance AND a Nerds Blizzard!!!


Riding in style

Ken even found some time while I was gone to put together Emanuel’s Big Wheel!

Insane jealousy back there!

Sunday was a family outing day – we were supposed to go out to a lake (there are so many nearby) and have a picnic but… it simply was not to be. So instead we took our chocolate rice krispie squares and headed over to their place for visiting and BBQ.


Anthony teaching Zander how to tie a knot he learned in Scouts

Lots of fun for the kids and lots of relaxation for us! Perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday! And the food was good too!

Men at work


Quite the wonderful long weekend so far!!

Lovely relaxing time