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The Nanny Arrangement… a book review

Well, I am finding more and more that my random story choices is teaching me quite a lot about my personal tastes. This book has reinforced that I enjoy my Regency romance and my stories with a strong faith element SEPARATELY. I feel like I am looking for something very specific when I pick up a Regency romance, a sweet story with gentile people, maybe not EXACTLY period correct but most often at least period close…

With The Nanny Arrangement by Lily George you do get some of the period feel, a lot of the romance of the era, but I found the way faith was included – bible studies, and the situations the two main characters are in – often alone, unchaperoned was a bit too much for me. But the imagery was lovely, the characters well thought out and the story interesting. I just found I had to suspend my Regency sensibilities at times (not to say I am educated in perfect Regency era rules and regulations, but I do love the genre and have read pretty much everything I can get my hands on).

The Nanny Arrangement is not the first in a series, but focuses on the middle sister of 3 who helps her younger sister run a hat shop. The elder has married up and is happy in her home but still in contact. The younger two do not get along overly well without the third to balance them out. Cue the needy gentlemen, known to the elder and her husband as a good friend. His estranged (badly married) sister has perished leaving her only child – a daughter. In order to solve everyone’s problems Becky, the middle sister, becomes the nanny.

There is a lot more than simple romance going on. Paul Holmes has lost his faith, and is not reconciled to his sister’s death or her daughter’s appearance in his life. Becky is unsure of her future as she longs for more than her place in the hat store and has been newly jilted (or at least the man in question never realized her interest). All in all a fun read just more of a faith story than a period piece. I can recommend a second book by the same author – Healing the Soldier’s Heart which is a bit more in the period correct feel. But both have great merits! 51yGv6WlLHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Healing the Soldier’s Heart… a Book Review

Another in the Love Inspired line, Healing the Soldier’s Heart is a faith filled Historical by Lily George. This time an orphan turned governess who lives in Bath is given the chance to help a returned and injured soldier. Lucy Williams is dedicated to the two young girls in her charge, one soon to leave the nest as she has her coming out party and attempts to find a suitor, the other young and impressionable and both without a mother. 

James is an injured veteran who has mostly lost the ability to speak due to trauma on the continent during war. His family is no longer as auspicious as they were so he attempts to support his mother and sister who also has a speech impediment. 

This lovely tale is set in the Regency era and has some more mature components. There is some discussion about becoming and the ramifications of accepting the position of mistress. Though nothing overtly occurs. Our main characters are torn by their pasts and in need of faith love and hope. 

I have always loved stories set in Bath and am especially fond of the Regency era. I think the author does a lovely job of keeping us in mind of the constraints placed on all sort of people in the time period while slowly and carefully creating a love you can’t help but cheer for. 

The side characters are equally charming and bring a lovely addition to the story. If anything, hot cocoa and a nice fire on a snowy day is the perfect time to pick up this Christian Historical Romance. Another lucky library find! 8156qgCAZxL._SL1500_