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Bittersweet… a Book Review

Ok so right off the bat… random Amazon freebie… story line interesting, characters endearing, romance (naturally)… slight smut warning. Ok – maybe not slight. More like, it catches you towards the end of the story. They are loving and sweet but… DESCRIPTIVE. I do believe you can skim and skip. BUT if this makes you uncomfortable or turns you off a story. I am warning you now. Sexual activities will ensue!

And with that… onto the rest of the review!

Bittersweet is a contemporary romance novel by Noelle Adams. There are a few underlying themes… grief, healing, finding a new love. Main character Zoe starts the story many years before her current situation where she is friends with Adam, a somewhat awkward but highly intelligent man. She is then introduced (by him) to his cousin Josh and falls in love. Fast forward years to the present where she has married and been widowed after Josh falls ill. Leaving her with a young son (Logan) and a rather distanced relationship with Adam.

Much of this story is dealing with Zoe’s grief process and her letting go of things… Josh’s possessions that do not harbor close emotional ties, their home that really is not suitable for her new situation. Learning to move on and to still be strong enough to be a mother and deal with Josh’s legacy.

Bittersweet is a gentle romantic and emotional ride. I wouldn’t say the feelings that progress are a surprise, rather a comfortable story with some ups and downs but a lot of love, some laughter and a few tears.

I personally enjoyed this book (well I did skip and skim the hot and heavy bits). BUT if sexual content makes you uncomfortable this may not be the book for you. On the other side it did feel like an honest telling of the story of a woman who has to figure out how to move on after being devastated by her spouse’s death (granted she DOES have a bit more… money and such than most). The characters are sweet and broken, the romance a nice pace and the ending quite satisfying. Definitely worth it if you enjoy these sorts of books. 18748741

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Bittersweet… a Book Review

I will start off with a warning, there are multiple sexual encounters in the second half of this novel. They are rather detailed but not overtly rude. However, the relationship does require these encounters to occur for some progression and some of the conflict.

Anyway that is the warning… Bittersweet by Noelle Adams is an emotional piece based around the life of Zoe, a newly widowed mother of an infant son and her journey from the absolute devastation of losing her husband to becoming a woman ready to love again. With her husband’s cousin Adam (a friend prior to her marriage and even prior to meeting her husband) at her side emotional upheaval is inevitable but so is growth and healing.

What I love about this book is that you feel like the people are realistic (ok the cousin is VERY rich and Zoe herself very comfortable so some of the day to day concerns of most people do not apply) and the timeline feels like it would be possible. There is no sudden wake up realization that life is fine… no excessive and instant love occurring.

Bittersweet brings you along as Zoe works through her thoughts and emotions… You fall in love with baby Logan and you see the amazing man behind the facade in Adam. All in all a terrific read, if you can deal with some sexual content (again I skimmed and skipped myself).


A Little Christmas Magic…

I think I am on a roll for trying books I am not generally in the market for. This romantic seasonal tale has a touch of sadness, healing and growth… Born from the grief of two individuals trying to make their way through life after loss. Joy finds a place in this story as does faith and compassion. Inspirational and at times heart rending, A Little Christmas Magic by Sylvie Kurtz is a gem.

Elly and her son Jamie are happy in their home, their family of two repairing their hearts after the death of Jim years previous from cancer. They are well known in town and determined to spend their life being happy as Jim wanted. This chef is still guarding her heart and has yet to love again. Jamie is a joy fill of silly knock knock jokes. 

Enter Logan, the broken ex cop dealing with the death of his beloved daughter Sam and completely not ready to love or really live again. Add in Christmas and put the two across the street from each other. Elly, the queen of projects has decided that Logan needs to smile again after a chance meeting and this book with its ups and downs is their road to joy. Inspirational, loving and rather silly at times… a modern story with a timeless message of healing, love and faith.

A Little Christmas Magic