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Allegra’s Song, A Regency Novella

When I have a line up of rather independent things for the kids with their schooling I absolutely love a little Regency Novella and Allegra’s Song (one of the Drewe Sisters series) by Alicia Rasley did NOT disappoint! You start the book with Allegra, a semi estranged wife of a Colonel who is now back from fighting Napoleon. They have one son (young Timothy) and she is a musical prodigy. Add in an admirer (platonic) in the form of Lord Sedge and two sisters… the lovely Yvette who has decided it is time to find a husband and the motherly Maggie who believes she is absolutely plain and on the shelf. 

With the youngest of the sisters needing the proper setting to find a good husband and the season over in London they acquire an invitation for all 3 sisters to a house party. Bring along the debonair rogue and a surprise appearance of the absentee husband and the complications mount. I have to admit, I found this one heartwarming. The lady is honest about her emotions and her wants, the husband confused but listening and the sisters characters in their own right. I look forward to reading the other novellas in this series! If you want a lovely afternoon read with some heartwarming romance this is the book for you! 

Allegra’s Song

Beginning the Weekend

The days are ticking by and with them goes August. Can you believe we have been here over a month? It is going so well that I have to say I am SURE this was the best choice for our family. I guess I am still working on my personal understanding of this truth. The days that have been bad are fewer and fewer at this point. I think it helps that we keep ourselves relatively busy…

Friday we spent our time around the house but it felt so busy. The kids were over the moon having their cousins there for the whole day. And after fun in the front yard…

Scotch tape and leaves

Nana and Baba took all but Echo out for a picnic and the park while Ken and I stayed home to clean (me) and work on job applications (Ken). Once the group returned the sprinkler was turned on in the backyard and more fun was had!

In line for sunscreen

slipping and sliding

So no school Friday due to cousins and a hot hot day best spent outside. Well for the kids, I am still working on the clutter in the basement… slow and steady on that one, I don’t think I will get EVERYTHING sorted out until we are moved into our own place once again but I am determined to do the very best I can to create some semblance of peace and organization.

Post water craft

Saturday, on the other hand… much more busy!! It was decided that Saturday was a good day to celebrate Andrew’s 12th birthday (seriously where has the time gone!). As the location of choice was his grandparents’ (John and Maggie) we went over to visit with the kids at their house first. Toys, boys and a good friend… perfect for the whole family!

I love this picture, it looks like she is lecturing him about some sort of text or call from another woman

Birthday boy on his way

Over at party central there was a lovely fenced in yard for the kids to play in and plenty of outside toys. Soccer, badminton, some sort of catch game and seats for the adults. 


Supper was VERY yummy, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob and turkey. Add in some fruit snacks, veggie chips and lemonade for the kids and everyone was full in the end. Though there was some excitement over some bees. 

In line for dinner

Birthday boy’s choice… cake first! Sp we had to gather everyone around the cake and take pictures of course! This cake was rather neat, it was a round cake with cupcakes around it. Little mini hamburgers and watermelon cupcakes and a grill for the cake. LOTS of icing! 

The cake

What a group!

After cake it was time for PRESENTS! I am so glad Andrew liked his wallet (duct tape) and owl (sock) we gave him! I have already had a special request from my godson (Anthony), he wants a BABY owl for Christmas. I am going to have to keep an eye out for some special socks for everyone down here. Not having a Dollarama has cramped my shopping. As well as the fact that is seems like cheap socks around here are ALL ankle length – no good for owls! 

Opening presents

Even big Andy made it, at the end of the party… he was stuck reassembling his semi truck with the hopes of fixing whatever was wrong with it. But we got in a quick visit. He is more often gone than here really. 

The Daddy cometh

And that was our Saturday. I really am hoping we can spend some more weekends with the Novaks. They start school up again after Labour Day so our visits during the day will be less often BUT now that we are here for good… well there is so much more opportunity to plan! 

Hard to believe he was a few months short of a year old at our wedding!!!

Old Friends Now New

July 21-22

I am not sure how many of my readers are aware of Ken’s history… but way back when (when he was young and spry) he was quite the soccer player. Up until his grade 12 year when he had an unfortunate accident on the field (really ask HIM to regale you with that one) where he broke his collar bone and could not be scouted for University soccer teams. Instead he became a kicker for the school football team and broke state records which lead to him playing University football (not the European kind but football football). Anyway off the beaten path but… Saturday became our opportunity to watch another budding soccer star who is dear to our heart! Our godson Anthony. 

Proud God-daddy

He was in the middle of his tournament so we took in one of his games. It was hot and humid (of course) and amazingly enough only Ken and myself ended up burnt. The rest of the Novak boys (less “big” Andy) were there with Darcy so it was a great chance to get reacquainted with everyone. John and Maggie (“big” Andy’s parents) also showed up for the game along with Kyle and Samantha (the Novak cousins). All people we had not seen for 3 years!! 

Reuniting with the Novaks (Aidan and Alex)

I suppose I should explain who the Novak boys are… well Andy (Andrew, “big” Andy) and Darcy have 4 kids – ALL boys! (little) Andrew was at our wedding way back in 2001! And was absolutely ADORABLE! Anyway he is now… almost 12 I think! And next is Anthony our godson who is 10, then Alex who is freshly 9 and finally Aidan who is going into Kindergarten this fall at the ripe age of 5 I do believe! Darcy and Andy are also Zander’s godparents. So you add their 4 to our 5 and  you have a lovely group of active, healthy and happy kids. 


Our boy

Enthralled Echo

Look at him run!

Action shot

The boys made instant friends and Echo an admirer in Anthony… Trinity was a little less enthused but when you are the only girl in a sea of boys it CAN be a little overwhelming. I figure give her a few visits and she will fit right in.

Miss Trinity in her garage sale find shirt

Sadly Anthony’s team did NOT win but it was an experience all the same. And very clear evidence that we are not used to the humidity coupled with the heat. After the game we returned home to ALL (and mean ALL 7 of us) have a nap! Much needed! Once napping was accomplished we decided to head back to the Novak’s home for a visit. We were actually debating where we would meet up with them but a neigbour had an emergency so they were unable to come to us. In fact, this meant there were a total of 12 kids! 10 boys and 2 girls… so you can imagine Trinity’s lack of glee. 

Dog pile on Andy

Add to the fun a kitten and a puppy and we had a full and chaotic house. So what better to do to feed the masses then order from a place called 5.00 Pizza! Seriously large pizzas at 5.00 (or a little more depending on toppings) a piece. YUM! 

Pizza time

We pretty much had to tear the boys away from the fun when Echo finally decided she was completely exhausted. With plans to return already in the works it is a great relief to see the kids all settling in with another family so quickly. Our first day of our first weekend was a definite success even though the soccer game was not won. 

Echo and her Anthony

Sitting with Aunty Darcy

The boys

Sunday was a down day for us. We did go do some shopping, but most of our time was spent at the house getting used to our surroundings. Nana and Baba have set up each of the 4 larger kids with lovely beds… the twins have a bunk bed and Emanuel a single in one room…

New sheets and everything

Trinity (and by extension in her playpen Echo) is in the sewing room next to our room. Note the Hello Kitty sheets…

Totally Kitty

Of course, now that there was less kids around and some down time it was time to let the boys have their Tyrell Museum gifts. Gavin got a mosaic style craft project that uses stickers on a patterned image to make a lovely almost stained glass look…

Gavin at work

Zander chose his gem finding block. A definite success as he sat down and worked on this thing for lovely extended periods of time. It was like a treasure hunt!

On the look out for gems

Life has truly begun here in Minnesota… and tomorrow… Monday… it is time to begin our time homeschooling once again! 

We were not the only Canadians there that day!