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A Charming Cure

Now if you have NOT read A Charming Crime, the first in Tonya Kappes Magical Cures Mysteries series… STOP and go straight to my review HERE. To date there are three stories in this series with A Charming Cure being the 2nd and A Charming Potion the 3rd (a Mini Mystery). I have purchased all 3 off Amazon for my Kindle and am really looking forward to delving into the 3rd in the series next.

Now I did notice a few more spelling and punctuation errors in this second book but NOT enough to really disturb my escape into the world of June Heal and Whispering Falls. I was happy to see that while Oscar, the bestfriend/police officer was more in the background for the most part in this book, Mr. Prince Charming the fairy god cat was right there with June throughout her adventures.

Many of the characters from the previous novel are included in this book but for the most part the mystery was focused at a special Intuition school. Run by June’s Aunt Helena (who was unknown or at least forgotten by June at this point) her “only 4 days” quickly becomes an exercise in confusion, frustration and surprisingly attempted murder!

As in the previous book June combines intuition with charms, sleuthing and an incessant wish to know more about her past and her family.

A Charming Cure

Luca Lashes Goes to the Doctor… a Book Review

As usual, a children’s advance release we have the kids review the book! These are some of my favourite reviews to do! Enjoy!

Trinity: The book was pretty. It’s nice. I learned about going to the doctors and getting his shots. 

Emanuel: The book told me I should not be afraid when I go to the doctor! I had shots before. It was not scary, just hurt a little bit too. It stinged a little bit when they put the band aid on.

Gavin: It was cool. The art looked pretty. It must have been a little scary. The book taught me not to be afraid of shots. 

Zander: I liked the book. I know that it kind of stings but you should not be afraid. It was a very cool book and had lots of art in it. 

I personally like that there are some tips to the parents at the back of the book. Ideas as to how YOU can make going to the doctor easier (a lot are common sense really and a little late for our family as our firsts were born and lived in the hospital for 7 weeks with tons of follow ups so a doctor is nothing new). I thought the art and story were fun and bright. I am not sure that the kids realized that his lashes were magic but they took so much out of the story that I don’t know that it mattered. 

If you have a nervous child on the way to the doctor this is a great read! And we all know, a calm and ready child is so much better than a fearful one! 

Luca Lashes

Home for a Spell… a Book Review

I recently reviewed the book previous to this in the Madelyn Alt mystery series. We return to Stony Mill, Indiana and newly found witch Maggie O’Neill as she recuperates from a broken leg (a major part of the previous book’s storyline). She is back to work but while the cast has slowed her down physically changes in her life are occurring at breakneck speed. 

In this volume Maggie is hard at work trying to figure out her future. Trying to understand and accept that she must soon say good bye to her bestfriend Stef who is leaving for another location with her fiancee in the near future which in turn has her questioning her current home (a basement suite in the same building her friend is vacating) which is currently inaccessible due to cast. This conundrum has her hunting for a new apartment even though her boyfriend has offered up his home as a permanent solution. 

It is on this hunt for new digs that we run into the mystery. There is a mysterious Lodge with the men only members that it seems like the most random collection of individuals are a part of… the tension between Maggie and her ex boyfriend and her ex boyfriend and her current love interest… and now Grandma’s voice is feeling less like a voice of conscience and more like a potential haunting??? 

With a body found, an office destroyed and an apartment rental agreement left unsigned… well Maggie’s problems are only beginning. Add in a splash of magic and a hot love interest, a lovely lady boss and of course a laundry list of other characters and this book is a must read. Just be sure to read the others in the series first! I really cannot wait for the next book to come out! 

Home for a Spell