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Yup totally clear and concise that title is… anyway!

On the suggestion of a good friend due to mass mosquito annoyance I decided I would love a bat house. How better to expedite this than to do a BAT UNIT that ends with Daddy and kids making one such thing? Yup totally being devious here! Enter the book Stellaluna. And all the resources here in. Which I will now share with you!!

First of all the book – Stellaluna… check it out HERE. Now onto the fun stuff. I managed to find a free lapbook on Homeschool Share HERE, and more helpful pages:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers thanks to Promoting Success HERE
  • About.com finger puppet craft HERE
  • KidsSoup.com printable for counting HERE
  • Classroom Fun has some resources HERE
  • Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten has some helpful printables HERE
  • For the pages I printed off on Education.com you can check my collection HERE
  • We also used EnchantedLearning HERE
  • And of course Activity Village, they are our go to place for printables HERE
  • First Grade Wow has a fun printable HERE

For Halloween we really just went with the flow. Trick or treating… decorating for the season… We watched Room on the Broom of course. And of course, read the book HERE. I have a Halloween collection on Education.com HERE that you can check out. Oh and of course, Activity Village – HERE.

We had a few bat books we used for our unit!

I let Emanuel and Trinity assemble their lapbook as they pleased with minimal interference. It was a great wrap up on a unit they got really interested in! Seriously, there are so many interesting bats out there – our favourites were the fruit bat and the bumblebee bat.

We did a mini unit on Owls right after to continue our nocturnal animals/Halloween theme. You can check out my Education.com collection HERE. And of course, go to Activity Village for their printouts HERE. We had a few interesting books:

We printed out all the fun and interesting pages we could find and worked on a full on folder of interesting owl facts.

Of course all of this culminated in HALLOWEEN and COSTUMES! So enjoy the images! This year Zander was a wizard, Gavin a pirate, Emanuel a Storm Trooper (he demanded the light saber), Trinity Dorothy off of the Wizard of Oz and Miss Echo the Queen of Hearts thank to costume components from Aunty Shandai.20161031_142654






We trick or treated with our homeschool buddies for the first time! And did quite nicely.20161031_180106


All in all, a great Halloween!20161031_142915


Happy Birthday Malala Yousafzai

Do we truly understand how privileged we are? How lucky here in the Western world? I find myself debating and discussing the merits of homeschooling vs public vs online often. There never seems to be a shortage of people wanting to talk about the hows and whys… it is days like July 12th of this year where you come across a special post on Facebook that truly reminds me how lucky we ARE to have these discussions, to have our daughters going on for college dreams… our sons able to school at home. 

July 12th, 2013 is Malala Day… you can read the entire post HERE thanks to Jezebel.com. I am not sure how many people remember last fall when Malala Yousafzai was fighting for her life after being shot in the head by the Taliban for daring to go to and talk about the importance of school for all. Almost a year later she is celebrating her birthday in the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Malala comes from a country torn by violence and fear. You can sign her birthday card HERE… watch on twitter with the hashtag #MalalaDay for photos and a livestream of her speech. She is a symbol of hope for so many who cry out for education and a reminder that we ARE privileged here. My children don’t have to worry that they will not be allowed to learn. We are unlimited in our dreams and can truly reach for the stars here. While money and situation can limit no one is barred from a library card, we can access the internet and dream and learn and hope and soar. 

So thank you Malala… your bravery and your father’s bravery in continuing to run his school in Pakistan holds true that education and fundamental freedoms of thought and dreaming are important. Who are we to try and limit those who need and wish to learn differently here when the world is crying out for equality and opportunity to simply learn? 

So the next time you feel the urge to diminish another family’s choice on how they educate, on why they choose this school or that, if they include religion in their curriculum or not… stop… remember… we are so incredibly lucky. We can do no better than to follow Malala’s advice and speak up for the right for the education of EVERY child! Let’s realize the importance of pens and books, learning and growth over the often overwhelming need for all to see things our own way… 

You can read more about Malala on Wiki HERE.You can watch her amazing speech on ABC’s site HERE. Happy Birthday!!

Image thanks to Vitalvoices.org

Image thanks to Vitalvoices.org