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Look at how ambitious we were x number of years ago!!!! 


Our new year has us at one dinosaur per week… I am sure we will soon up that but for now Trinity and Emanuel are a dino a day. Our next dinosaur is a North American herbivore. The Parasaurolophus. Found in the Cretaceous period it had a distinctive crest and could run on either two or four legs. Found in Alberta, Utah and New Mexico there is still debate as to what its crest was used for… sound, smell, mating… one of the amazing things about paleontology is that there isn’t always a clear answer.

We had a Clash of the Dinosaurs video to watch… they really do use some amazing puppeteering. Thanks to Itsdre9x9.

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Fresh-Start Ranch… a book review

I have continued my random grab trend at the library and this time it was not filly I mean fully in my favour. I have to admit a bias… I have never been one of those little girls who wanted a pony. A library in my own home, a couple cats, a collection of roses… these are all things I had an invested interest in growing up (though I have since ditched the rose cliche with my middle name). So this story was a bit of a rough start for me. Fresh-Start Ranch by Leann Harris is a definite horse lover’s dream.

Tessa is a tiny spitfire with a good relationship with God, a deep love of horses and a degree as veterinarian. She has come out to New Mexico from Kentucky to start fresh and prove that she is an able bodied large animal veterinarian. With a hard past and an open future she is ready to face the world. Tessa’s backstory includes, well… horse, an alcoholic gambler of a father and the constant experience of being underestimated due to her height.

She meets Ethan (who apparently is in previous books by this author about this area in New Mexico) who is also a huge fan of horses and helps with a horse rescue… do you see my dilemma? There is a great faith element to this story, an overcoming of past mistakes and feelings of guilt which I did enjoy. BUT there is a huge emphasis on horses.

The characters around these two are endearing though only a few are really developed in this story. The main focus is really the internal conflict of our two main characters and the horse rescue operation. There is a tiny bit of a mystery and a nice romance. I find the resolution a tiny bit rushed but that happens occasionally with these Love Inspired stories. Definitely a good book for the horse lover. So do check it out. Be aware it does discuss gambling issues and an abusive parent though.9780373877713_500X500

Sliding into the Weekend

July 26-28

The day after our fun day as a family Nana and Baba took the older children out for a fun day with grandparents – to the Zoo to ride rides!!P1020402

That left myself and Echo at loose ends with Ken working… so what better to do than walk to the nearby garage sale, talk to the sweet older lady there and buy some books. Nana gave Echo her OWN dollars which was used to get an adorable koala beanie baby.

Juice Break!

Juice Break!



101_3811101_3813 The next day we added cousins to the house as their parents went out for a weekend of camping. With the addition of cousins we left the twins to their time with those closest in age and their grandparents and headed over to have our own BBQ with relatively newly returned from New Mexico Matt and Fran and their twins Henry and Isadore.101_3826

They are a year younger than Trinity. 5 little ones running around together was so much fun!101_3827

We ended our weekend rather quietly with fun around the house.101_3828

With cousins

With cousins

We really are trying to take advantage of ALL our sunny days. And the overcast ones as well!101_3814