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Easter Resources

March has been a busy month! For Easter, with only a week and a half between it and St. Patrick’s Day, we are doing a family lapbook. Which means another resource entry! Books:





  • ‘Twas the Night Before Easter with Veggie Tales and the colouring page that goes with
  • Dinosaur Train Eggstravaganza by PBS kids… not so much Easter but egg and baby related. Lots of fun as it tied in eggs, new birth and our beloved dinsaurs

Printables in General

Helpful information sites

Videos Ken found us this informative but slightly over the boys’ heads video on Easter traditions. Very interesting but maybe not for the youngest students.

And a picture of two of our lapbook pages! Good luck! 

We had a lot of fun with this unit

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Week Ending Weekend Beginning

For all of our Easter resources please refer to the blog entry titled “Easter Resources“.

March 22-23

With a half day on Thursday it was a full full day on Friday.

We had TWO books to read… the first, Ollie’s Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea.

Ollie’s Easter Eggs

And the other… The Easter Bunny’s Assistant by Jan Thomas.

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant

We also all drew pictures of a Bunny Garden… Echo did her own as well!

4 Beautiful Bunny Gardens

Emanuel and Trinity had special one on one time with me to make the main portion of our table centerpiece – the Peter Rabbit themed basket.

Peter Rabbit… the NEW cartoon!

We ended our week with a visit from Steven… gaming for Ken… so much fun!

Steven at the pc

Saturday was a special treat – a whole afternoon with Bree and Lily. Just resting, relaxing, and playing with baby. We got in tons of chatting… lots of pumping (not on my side) and simply enjoyed girl only time. Ken, on the other hand… he had all 5 kids, dropped books off at the library and then… relaxed??? Some day a day with the kids will have them all cleaning… right???

Where she was SUPPOSED to be over lunch…. but not so much! Good thing she was dealing with two PRO Mommies

Post lunch hugs

Holding my sweety AND taking a picture

A successful taking of the binky… she loves to slip around on you and snuggle, just like Echo did

Tube feeding, to continue teaching her proper swallowing, Mommy is so patient!

Anyway with Chinese food and great company it was quiet, peaceful and soul renewing. I look forward to going again… though probably not in the next week… Gotta work that out with Ken later!