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Parades, Friends and More

September 5-8

We had some timely mail appear in our box on Thursday – our Lego magazine subscriptions! Swings make the best reading spots sometimes.101_4419

Of course we had to check out the garden… the peppers are starting to ripen!101_4421

101_4433Juice pouches for an afternoon snack.101_4424

And a couple overly friendly squirrels in the front yard. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the black one but it stayed under the vehicles. This little grey one came so close that I had to tell the girls not to touch it!!!101_4425

101_4429We finished up our week learning about Tanzania!101_4436

Then on Saturday we finally hit a busy day… first to Home Depot to make ring toss games!!!101_4437

101_4438Then onto Steven’s to see a parade with him and Quinn.We have never seen such a large amount of princesses for anything and everything.101_4447

They really like their emergency vehicles

They really like their emergency vehicles

101_4452101_4448It was slow starting and luckily we were right next to a Dollar Tree so I could go get some water (6 for a dollar, though not from the fridge… those were 1.00 each).101_4458

The kids went crazy grabbing candy and had a blast, though we did head out before the parade was over – too much heat and to miss the rush in the parking lot.101_4450

101_4440101_4467After the parade we went back to Steve’s house to have lunch. Yummy hot dogs, fruit, chips… and Phineas and Ferb! I love how they have a whole entertainment room set up in the double portion of their garage in the summer! So fun!101_4471

101_4472Sadly my cold went into overtime so after enjoying some fun in the sun it was time to head home and myself to bed. By Saturday evening I was feverish and Ken was adamant I was not going to church. Sunday morning HE felt under the weather and that put the final nail in the coffin for us making the Sunday School planning session that morning. Thankfully the woman in charge was willing to email me information.

I am just so pleased we managed a day with Steven and Quinn. It has been a while and this parade seems to be our new tradition with them!!! Be sure  to check out the overflow! There was just too much to see HERE101_4460

Hello Baby….

August 4-6

Sunday is always an up and down day… but we totally lucked out with Sunday afternoon COMPANY! Lily Bean and our girls are fast friends already and this time Bree brought Quinn!!! Talk about a great afternoon!101_3954

101_3956101_3958101_3962photo (82)101_3973Our Monday moved right back into our daily patterns. While I love flexibility and all, the constant spelling, folder work, and together time has been doing wonders on our progress and our attitudes.101_3981

We had two rather important completions! Trinity finished another of her Pre K books and GAVIN moved onto his grade 3 math. A little ahead of schedule and with some things we will refocus on later, but what a confidence boost!!!101_3975

101_3980On Tuesday we started our true discussion on Lions and what we know already about them. I was quite impressed by the amount of facts the kids already have about them. We plan on learning a bit about Kenya and Tanzania as well, with some books, lapbooks, worksheets and random shows I think we will do just fine on our 3rd major animal unit!!101_3983

101_3984Of course we had to enjoy some sunshine. With the AC sometimes we forget how lovely it is outside as well. But wow is it nice on those super hot days!101_3989

 I am sure there will be another picture blog with the rest of our Lily and Quinn time, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I have posted! It is so nice to visit with our friends be it planned or surprise drop ins!101_3965