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License to Date… a Book Review

I was lucky enough to be alerted by the author of a free copy of Susan Hatler’s License to Date. I have enjoyed multiple books by this author, all short romances. You can find my reviews by typing Susan Hatler into my search bar on the right. And License to Date does not disappoint. This contemporary romance is humourous and fast paced.

Kaitlin is unlucky in love. So to heal a broken heart she has focused on fixing up her new home. How better to do so than with the help of her friends? It is in attempting to coerce  them into assisting with the repainting that Kaitlin enters into a hard bargain – five dates in five days!! On the first of what Kaitlin figured would be whirlwind dates of no consequence she meets the bar tender at a local hotel… Paul and the bargain becomes all the more difficult… and all the more exciting!

I love a good romance coupled with humour. And as usual, this sixth book in the Better Date Than Never series is a giggle and a half. In fact, I would suggest ANY of Susan Hatler’s short romances. A perfect snowed in afternoon read in front of the fire! licensed to date


Truth or Date (Better Date Than Never Book #2)

Short romances can be the absolute perfect rainy afternoon cure. Truth or Date, the second in Susan Hatler’s Better Date Than Never series is a great contemporary romance. The main character, Gina has ended her relationship of 10 unproductive, marriage-less years with George only to find herself 4 months later STILL living in the same apartment in the spare bedroom. Time with her girlfriends while preparing for Ellen’s wedding wakes her up to the fact that she needs to move out and move on.

Enter two men into Gina’s hopeful romantic life… Chris, the co worker who is moving on from the company after years there and Ethan, a man that Kristen, fellow bridesmaid set her up with. I don’t want to go too much more in depth as this IS a short story, but the romance is interesting, the characters entertaining and the pace terrific for such a short story.

I found myself easily rooting for Gina to make the right decision and curious about Ellen’s story (book 1 apparently). Truth or Date with its ongoing game of truth or dare as a common theme among the characters is a sweet romance for a quiet afternoon.

Truth or Date

Truth or Date

Her Perfect Mr. Christmas… a Book Review

Ok, take out chapters 11 and 12 (if you prefer non graphic – sex wise – books like I do) and Her Perfect Mr. Christmas by Melissa Jolley is a wonderful Christmas themed short story. What is a strong and independent woman to do when she is dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas? Well, call her bestfriend for support. And when said bestfriend is not at her phone? Well, her older brother takes over and comes to be that shoulder to cry on. This is where our story continues on. 

Poor Marty (Amy Martin) is a strong woman born from a family that neglected her. Finding companions and joy with her bestfriend and her family she has never once looked closely (romantically) at her friend Kaye’s older brother Dominic. 

This romance has a taste of comedy a little conflict and a lot of fun. Again, as this is a short story I don’t want to give too much away but I personally really enjoyed this story. Based in England there are some colloquialisms of course and some differences in landscape from some other stories I have read. I love that the characters are sweet and funny and appreciated that the sexual content is actually something you CAN skip if you want (and I would in a re-read). Again… seasonal romance with a giggle or two – this could be the book for you!

Her Perfect Mr. Christmas