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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mother, step mothers, grandma’s god-mommies, great grandmas…. to all the women who are instrumental teachers in our children’s lives. I don’t think I can ever truly show the appreciation I have for ALL the people who are significant in our lives here and abroad. I could not ask for a better network for loving, true and vital women to show my sons and daughters the possibilities there are in life, the potential for love and the joy that can be felt in relationship with women (and men) of all walks of life. But I am going to try… IMG_20160508_120548

We had a wedding the day before so Ken’s planning time was cut down to little or no (he does like to do his Saturday before prep for Mother’s Day) but between him and the kids they managed a terrific day. We started off at church where the kids sang in the choir and I was given a flower. Then over to Caribou for a fancy coffee for mom…IMAG3063

Zander and Ken made me lunch – a Kale salad kit I picked up at Sam’s club… yum! And then came the centerpiece of the day… KEN took them to the park and I got a NAP! An uninterrupted, silent house nap! BLISSIMG_20160508_114810

Our evening was spent at the YMCA where I wore my swim cap and enjoyed some quality time with Echo and her friend from down the road Sophie. After swimming I had a wonderful chat with her parents. 

With photos and quiet time, just me and my personal crochet project and another flower gifted from the YMCA I had a day to remember.13094133_10154200276731151_966295869300258893_n

My family means the world to me, I have been privileged to have found a man who truly understands me, children who love so honestly… I may not be where I expected to be but I am definitely where I NEED to be. I wish the same joy to you… that we can all be surrounded by love and affection, truth and acceptance… Happy Mother’s Day everyone!IMG_20160508_120648










A Family Forever… A Book Review

An unusual method of bringing two single parents together in rural Britain… hedgehogs, rescued hedgehogs. Victoria is a single mom and has single handedly been saving hedgehogs and releasing them in a nearby manor’s garden with the help of her ballerina loving little girl Sophie. With a difficult neighbour is has been a bit of a trial but this photographer has made hedgehogs and their dwindling habitat her life focus. 

Enter the new owner of the manor Adam and his son Harry. Adam is a jet setting contractor who buys up properties and builds and repairs them to become financial successes. He takes his son with him with the help of a tutor. 

What I love about A Forever Family by Helen Scott Taylor is that the characters are endearing, the romance slow and beautiful, the kids silly and fun and the issues resolvable. An all round feel good story about two single parents in need of support and love within the confines of a family. There is quite a focus on her rescuing and caring for the hedgehogs, which I loved, and a firm commitment of both parents to there children. There is also a side story that ties in about the difficult farmer and his family. 

If you are on the look out for a sweet romance with characters that you really do love and wish to see happy A Forever Family is a great choice. I am definitely going to look for more books by Helen Scott Taylor. She has a lovely way with location, words and feelings! 

A Forever Family

A Forever Family

Keep Me Ghosted… Sophie Rhodes Romantic Comedy.

Sometimes those daily freebies on Amazon are absolute gems… Keep Me Ghosted, a first in a series by Karen Cantwell is one of those.

What is a single girl with a ghostly tag along to do but live life her own way? Sophie is an animal loving single girl with a one eyed cat and a pet flying squirrel named Peter Pan. I have to say I absolutely ADORE her ghostly companion Marmaduke… British and all!

In answering an add to work as a receptionist at a specialized optomotris’s office Sophie is introduced to the dishy Dr. Callahan and his not so friendly ghostly tag along Moonflower. With a struggling practice and ghostly interruptions there is lots to be accomplished, a minor mystery to be solved and hilarity to ensue.

This is the first in the series, and I am rather looking forward to future installments. You fall in love with the characters and honestly are right there with them all the way. The romance is gentle and REALISTIC. Sophie, for all her quirks and silly moments has a good head on her shoulders. Ghosts and a little witchcraft with a dishy doctor (eye) to boot… I honestly could not put this one down!

Keep Me Ghosted