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Merry Christmas

Well, I have just enough time after Christmas Day to pop up a few pictures and wish everyone a happy 25th. We celebrated at home just the 7 of us. It was lovely. We skyped some people, played with new toys and ate tons of not so healthy foods. Hopefully I can share more later, but for now – I hope that whatever you celebrate this month was amazing! 

New Pj's with cookies for Santa

New Pj’s with cookies for Santa

They may not be hung by the chimney with care, but they were filled with love.

They may not be hung by the chimney with care, but they were filled with love.

Happy kids

Happy kids

Yup... that is a poop emoji on the far right...

Yup… that is a poop emoji on the far right…


Skyping with family

Skyping with family

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Zander and his latch hook kit.

Zander and his latch hook kit.


Colouring Echo's new dollhouse for her 18 inch dolls.

Colouring Echo’s new dollhouse for her 18 inch dolls.

My Christmas exchange mailing... straight from Australia!!!

My Christmas exchange mailing… straight from Australia!!!

Scalloped potatoes and ham!

Scalloped potatoes and ham!

The November Nutshell

And now for November… another month in a rather long nutshell!!! I have to admit… with all the Christmas stitching, school, swim lessons (cooking for the twins) and actual sales and commissions… my blog has languished a little.

Of course November is the month of AMERICAN Thanksgiving… ever confusing on a THURSDAY no less. This was an unusual one for us as Nana and Baba headed off to Florida to spend it with the other grandkids… but we persevered.101_9983

Thankful hands tree

Thankful hands tree

We had leaves to bag up still… great exercise for the boys and they were even relatively willing. Of course you can see the amazing colours better on a previous entry where we had the whole family out there dealing with the leaves on the ground HERE.101_9987

101_9989We did leave time for some mini fashion. Trinity is already able to wear some of the rather funky and fun clothing left to her by her cousin Gabriella when they left for Florida!101_9996

Of course we had to take advantage of the week of free online books through Bookit this month as well. Each one narrated with terrific pictures.101_9999

We had a blast learning about and building our own volcano. Science has always been the one thing we have struggled with in our homeschool life. Getting enough in, being organized but the whole family is quick to jump on board with a good craft and activity… add in chemicals (even ones as benign as vinegar and baking soda) and a little explosion and even Echo was there for the fun. This was the first time I sat down and talked to them about things like earthquakes and really looked into what damage a volcano can do to the land and the people around it.102_0015

102_0017IMAG0512Our November was full of visits with our favourite baby and his brothers… Jeffrey is definitely growing like a weed!102_0030

102_0032102_0037We also made it outside to enjoy the snow. What a difference from last year’s excessive cold and snow!!!102_0005

102_0064At the end of the month we pulled out the tree and fixings which of course is one of my favourite backdrops for photos. It always feels like the season is coming when we bring out the stockings. I am very proud of how they turned out. Though Ken STILL does not have a special stocking. You can check out the full blog post of family photos HERE.IMAG0517

IMAG0521IMAG0532A few helpful Thanksgiving books:

Our Thanksgiving was spent with Aunty Judy, Uncle Jim and Cousin Robbie. It was quiet and fun and full of delicious food! We were so thankful they could make it to the meal that the kids planned and shopped for! The twins were real troopers making up the grocery list and doing the choosing at Sam’s Club themselves!

Zander and the twins' Thanksgiving grocery list

Zander and the twins’ Thanksgiving grocery list

IMAG0478IMAG0480IMAG0483I snuck in a ladies outing with Nana over at Renee’s. We made woven fabric baskets and played with Mystro. Not the simplest craft but not impossible. You can find the instructions HERE thanks to Terry Atkinson. IMAG0391

IMAG0390School wise we have seen an influx in art interest. Art for Kids is win win with us!102_0019


Echo's more free style work using photopaper and sharpie

Echo’s more free style work using photopaper and sharpie

Add in some completions and workbook interest…102_0006

102_0020And some rather amazing Halloween lapbook completions! 102_0010

102_0011102_0047102_0049I think we accomplished much of what we had hoped to this November. Add in swimming and scouts, Sunday School and choir and we have become way more busy than we expected! Thank goodness the arctic chill has not appeared! Do enjoy the overflow images for the LONG belated month of November HERE.

Emanuel swimming with a noodle!

Emanuel swimming with a noodle!

The Many Faces of Christmas Eve

Of course being a major day for us, our first in Minnesota there are lots of pictures to share… so enjoy a glimpse at our celebrations here in the USA! 

Little Darling

Ready for the gifts!

The littles

My sweet peas

On the iPad with Nana waiting on company

Checking out Nana’s rather impressive nesting dolls

DINNER! Left to right – T.J., Paul, Melissa and Colleen

Snuggles with my girls

Melissa attempting to give her uncle bunny ears in the picture


With our girls

Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas from our Vintage story book (apparently the sled was green in the illustrations which we were told was WRONG!). Thank you again Josephine!

All of the kids in their new pj’s… yes, Echo is VERY tired (Note the twins’ match their Halloween costumes… so Zander is the Batman)

Look Santa can come now!