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Thanksgiving in Brief

We did not cover the origins of the American Thanksgiving this year, rather the emotions that are connected to the holiday – being  thankful and together with friends and family. However, I do have some resources to share!

Our Crafts:

  • Thanksgiving Tree (Activity Village) HERE
  • Paper Turkey (Peapod Labs) HERE
  • I am Thankful Pumpkin (Moffatt Girls) HERE
  • Horn of Plenty – Gratitude printable (Kids Activities Blog) HERE

Our Worksheets:

  • Thanksgiving skip counting (The Homeschool Den) HERE
  • Thanksgiving Activity Pack (Itsy Bitsy Learners) HERE (I did not use some of the pages as I was not impressed by the illustrations but they had a nice Mayflower picture and some colour and shape pages that were ok)
  • Thanksgiving math and number families (The Homeschool Den) HERE


  • Thanksgiving Dinner – A Fun Study (Homeschool Bits) HERE

Helpful sites:

  • 3 Boys and a Dog reference list HERE
  • Cornucopia explanation with more links about Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving-Day.org) HERE
  • All things Thanksgiving at Activity Village HERE
  • Wild Turkey Facts at NWTF HERE (National Wild Turkey Foundation)


  • An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott HERE
  • The Apple Doll by Elisa Kleven HERE
  • Free emergent readers by The Measured Mom HERE
  • Nursery Crimes by Arthur Geisert HERE
  • A Thanksgiving Turkey by Julian Scheer HERE


  • Modern Marvels: The Turkey HERE
  • The Land Before Time: The Time of the Great Giving HERE101_5422

Ending the Week With a Treat

November 21-22

There are days when the girls fight like cats and dogs and then there are days like Thursday where they sit down and colour together. Princess pictures out of the giant colouring books!101_5317

We had storytime together… I love just randomly grabbing a book and enjoying it with the kids! Of course we had to reflect and record what our favourite part or character was!101_5318

We also made turkey cards with Trinity and Emanuel. Relatively simple, just paint the portions of the hand different colours and slap it onto your paper. Let it dry and draw in your turkey. Trinity got creative and totally did it her way! But I think they turned out super cute!101_5332

With Christmas in our sights it was also time to start painting some special gifts. The kids wanted some of the family and friends to get their precious Home Depot crafts! So it was some serious painting going on.

Day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2

Emanuel had Cub Scouts and is VERY proud of his new book with its instructions to get BADGES! That just leaves fees and the shirt purchase and we are well on our way with the Novaks as our guide!101_5322

The next day we had a special long lunch break… with Daddy… OUTSIDE!101_5325

Our afternoon was a bit of a workshop. We have our Canadian package to go north to Aunty Holly so she can play Santa for us. So… time to make cards! 5 cards among the 4 kids… no hands on except glue and tape assistance, from Mommy!!! Creativity at its best!101_5327

After painting and card making what to do? Well, use the newest Art for Kids (link on right) instructions and make some pictures to give away as well!101_5328

Oh and read a Thanksgiving-ish themed book…

The Apple Doll

The Apple Doll

And then end our evening with Turbo the movie and cookies from Canada thanks to Aunty Sharon!!!!

Thank you Sharon!!

Thank you Sharon!!