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Look at how ambitious we were x number of years ago!!!! 


Our new year has us at one dinosaur per week… I am sure we will soon up that but for now Trinity and Emanuel are a dino a day. Our next dinosaur is a North American herbivore. The Parasaurolophus. Found in the Cretaceous period it had a distinctive crest and could run on either two or four legs. Found in Alberta, Utah and New Mexico there is still debate as to what its crest was used for… sound, smell, mating… one of the amazing things about paleontology is that there isn’t always a clear answer.

We had a Clash of the Dinosaurs video to watch… they really do use some amazing puppeteering. Thanks to Itsdre9x9.

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OH MY GOSH they are so young in the picture at the bottom of the post… which means this is a LONG belated post but at the same time I squeeeee at the adorableness… so that makes it all cool, right???

Another day another dino another herbivore from the Cretaceous period. The Struthiosaurus is an armoured dinosaur that was the smallest of the ankylosaurs (found to date). Found in Europe it is quite the impressive prey… well armoured, and low to the ground… not an easy target.

Out of the book

Our video included an image of our dinosaur but was not overly educational otherwise.

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We do enjoy our unique looking herbivores and Pinacosaurus is another of these. With its unusual head, armoured body and clubbed tail, this Cretaceous period dinosaur was found in one of our favourite countries… China. It is believed that is must have been a desert animal as most of the fossils have been found in sand dunes. In fact, quite a few herd type deposits have been found.

Now the I’m a Dinosaur video.

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