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Hunting for Dragons at the Science Center

Sometimes you just need the right exhibit to spur you onto getting that long suggested membership. The temporary Mythical Creatures display at the Science Center was the big draw for us, and well worth it.20170223_151713

We actually made an attempt to go the day before only to realize the museum closed early that day. But our second day choice was just perfect. It wasn’t busy, though parking was scarce due to hockey games nearby. We used my homeschool status for a discount and were ready to go and enjoy over an hour of educational fun.20170223_144900

While the mythical creatures were the main draw we did enjoy some of the other permanent displays this visit. We definitely need to come back and see more of those. Thankfully with the membership it is just a matter of choosing a day when Ken can take a half day.20170223_145519

20170223_150651I have a mountain of pictures to share so will do so. Though first – we hadn’t realized you could do this, but the large astronaut in the center of the building allows you to put your face in the helmet! So some of the kids did!20170223_145335

20170223_14522620170223_145129And of course… if there is dinosaurs we MUST examine them closely.20170223_15561120170223_15570320170223_15583720170223_15573220170223_155639

BUT I know you are all waiting for the big draw – sit back and enjoy the mythical (and some not so mythical) creatures! First off… DRAGON!IMG_20170223_164302_881


And Kraken!IMAG0657

Now all Mermaids were beautiful… though one was.IMG_20170223_164457_065



And here is the creature some think inspired a lot of these... the manatee.

And here is the creature some think inspired a lot of these… the manatee.

The Unicorn was another favourite.20170223_152455


Here is Echo with a replica horn. Some felt the narwhal was the inspiration for the unicorn's single horn.

Here is Echo with a replica horn. Some felt the narwhal was the inspiration for the unicorn’s single horn.

And then there were some animals that were actually a REAL thing…IMG_20170223_164524


Or the confusion that came from finding the remains of something.

This skull confused a lot of people making them think it was from a cyclops... it is actually a pygmy elephant skull!

This skull confused a lot of people making them think it was from a cyclops… it is actually a pygmy elephant skull!

There were multiple types of dragons.

Sir George slaying the dragon.

Sir George slaying the dragon.

But my personal favourite is the Asian dragons.IMG_20170223_165709_568


But enough of my chatter… enjoy the last few images!IMG_20170223_234926_585










Happy 5th Birthday Miss Echo

There is no such think as unlucky Friday the 13th for this family. After all, in 2010 in the early morning of Friday, August 13th we welcomed Miss Echo into our family. And life has never been the same!DSCN0904

The baby of the family has officially hit a milestone. 5 is the age when she can start going to Home Depot for the monthly wood working craft (Just not September as we double booked ourselves that Saturday! oops!), she is of age to really join our classroom… and according to her – big enough to no longer have her cone in a cup at McDonald’s (the jury is out on that one when mommy had to eat a portion of her birthday cone in order to save the birthday outfit).IMAG0536

IMAG0537Anyway, the birthday DAY… Daddy spoiled her with birthday tiny toast (french toast cut into small pieces).IMAG0505

Grandma called all the way from Canada!IMAG0503

Miss Echo had her photos taken (with Trinity) at the flower garden outside the library.DSCN0896

DSCN0892IMAG0513While there she ALSO had her first present (from Gammie)… a unicorn… which brought a HUGE smile!IMAG0518

IMAG0523IMAG0532IMAG0524-COLLAGEWe had her actual birthday party on the Sunday following with Aunty Judy, Uncle Jim and Cousin Robbie. She helped pick out her own colours (blue) and her own cake (Olaf!) on her birthday when we were out running errands. Small and intimate and perfect. Though the poor thing took TWO MINUTES to blow her candles out… she kept blowing up. I was sure she would hyperventilate and pass out into her cake.IMAG0559

DSCN0905DSCN0916Talk about excitement, family, presents…DSCN0900

IMAG0560IMAG0567AND a battery for her inherited Barbie Car! Thanks Nana and Baba…IMG_20150816_140423

Definitely a 5th birthday to remember for Miss Echo. Now for the extra pictures to enjoy… Note the amazing batgirl bear from Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie!¬†IMAG0507





Birth DATES Make it Official

February 3-5

First off – HAPPY 8TH BIRTH DATE TO EMANUEL on the 3rd of February! It was doubly official with the yearly Grandma birthday call. Though it was brief since she called on break from work.1622209_10152209465476151_1348467168_n

Of course we still had school. There was a party to reflect on in our journals…

Zander drew his special gift from Aunty Holly that came on time - a Unicorn

Zander drew his special gift from Aunty Holly that came on time – a Unicorn

Chocolate bars to enjoy from their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. There was some lovely examples of sharing going on.101_6090

We had a very timely delivery of a Panda focused National Geographic Kids magazine. I love it when we get something in the mail that furthers our learning spontaneously.

And our drawing of some foods we saw on a Food Network special.

And our drawing of some foods we saw on a Food Network special.

The girls were busy bees with their Nana braids, playing their games together.101_6092

I especially loved Trinity’s combination of many patterns and colours in her outfit.101_6094

She, Echo and myself joined Emanuel at the Novak’s for Scouts. It was my first time going. The girls hung out in the basement with the other 3 Novak boys while Emanuel and Aidan did their thing. They learned all about the new food pyramid. It is a rather good group of boys that all seem to get along relatively well. Ken and the twins were out at swimming lessons so we had to hang out afterwards until we could be picked up. It was nice to have some adult visiting ¬†time and get to know the Scout troop leader Pam a little better.1013308_10152210543416151_448147955_n

Tuesday was our in between birth DATES day. And the three littles took advantage of some of our downtime with getting ready for Nana and Baba leaving and Daddy’s sudden tooth extraction (thank goodness we DID do it while they were still here… he reacted more strongly to the meds they used and could not have driven home) and had a COSTUME dance party! I especially love Baby Batman!1901349_10152211747346151_921252709_n

Miss Trinity followed Art for Kids’ instructions to make a lovely heart card HERE. It turned out TERRIFIC…1506694_10152212102621151_1977556648_n

Then she noticed that one of the left over scraps of paper looked like a bird so we had to put it in her journal! Very creative eye there!101_6097

And then…. HAPPY 10TH BIRTH DATE TO ZANDER AND GAVIN on the 5th! Since when were you two allowed to become double digits??? And this from 10 week preemies who came into this world at 3 lbs. 1 3/4 oz. each!!!101_6063

This was also the last day with time with Nana and Baba so school was super light. The girls worked with some old catalogues and magazines to clip out pictures to glue together for fun.101_6098

101_6100Emanuel and Ken got to work on their very first pinewood derby car! This is exciting – the road to Emanuel’s very first badge!!!101_6099

The twins worked on pictures from the newest instructions from Art for Kids. I honestly will continue bragging on this site for as long as they put up things! I have never found better instructions for the kids. Trinity even gets results without frustration!!!101_6101

As we are now planning for Valentines Day I had the kids make a wreath to replace the one we had up for Christmas out of hands. This was a kit I bought on clearance last year from Walmart!101_6102

101_6104In between helping out Nana and Baba where they could the kids also watched the Wild Kratts episode on Groundhogs.101_6103

And then it was time for hugs, kisses and bye byes. Nana and Baba ALWAYS fly out in the middle of the night/super early in the morning. 9 weeks at Roatan! They are going to come back so tanned and relaxed!!!1743485_10152209910686151_25096662_n