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We return to our dinosaur days with Emanuel after a busy December with a rather interesting herbivore, the Apatosaurus who is often miscalled the Brontosaurus! Or as Emanuel called it, another long neck dinosaur. Which are his FAVOURITES! So of course there were links, videos and a colouring page. Let’s start with the video I cannot post in the blog itself. HERE is the link to the Discovery video on our dinosaur of the day. And below our I’m a Dinosaur video for you to watch right now.

Now for the links about our long necked dinosaur. And by long necked we mean potentially long enough to not be able to lift it up to eat of the tops of trees! First there is the Kids Dig Dinos site with their page HERE. Then Kidsdinos.com with their charts HERE. Thefreeresource.com has a lot of rather technical classifications HERE. EnchantedLearning has two pages of interest… the page HERE and the fact sheet HERE. And let’s not forget our colouring page HERE. Though it is a bit misleading as all the information we found stated that it is not believed that they would swim… so we imagine that  these dinosaurs were just cooling off. There is also a terrific page HERE from Science Kids. And, finally, the technical Wikipedia page HERE.

TWO dinosaurs

We actually chose this dinosaur due to a random find at JoAnn’s of a boardbook. This late Jurassic period dinosaur certainly sparked that interest back in Emanuel! So I will continue the daily trend… hopefully our research will help others with their love of dinosaurs! 


A Very Woolly Character

And now for something completely different… well sorta!

We have covered dinosaurs and reptiles that were NOT dinosaurs but this is our first mammal! With the fossils unearthed earlier this month I just could not resist teaching Emanuel (and in the end Zander as well) about the Woolly Mammoth! You can read all about the rather unusual find in France HERE with a video or a simply textual with the National Post HERE. Either way, a rather amazing find. The only dissapointment I found with the research on this creature is that the main focus of the videos was on a hoax of a debunked image of a so called living specimen (I do believe it turned out to be a bear with a fish or something) and another batch talked about ALIENS being the cause of their extinction… so we stuck with the I’m a Dinosaur video on youTube and the one about the French find.

As well as a rather good but short BBC Science one.

In addition I have a long list of links to share so I figure I should get right to that! Enjoy our information about our last Ice Age mammal! First off there are some AMAZING images of a frozen specimen found in Siberia back in 2009! You can find those HERE. There was actual fur, skin… all of that. What we found most interesting was the smaller ears and tail to keep warmth in and the more nimble trunk and long tusks to allow for food collection!

Discovery has another article on this amazing find but a young boy in Siberia HERE. Apparently this is not an unheard of occurrence, unlike the surprise in France. As the weather at the time of death for the Mammoth was ideal for freezing. National Geographic Kids has a nice printable card and article HERE (if we had colour toner I certainly would have, I plan to return to this site later and do so). eHow.com has a short blurb about the history of the Mammoth HERE.

A site called Interesting Facts has… well… interesting facts about the Woolly Mammoth HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com has their usual 10 questions HERE. Fossil Treasures of Florida has some information and what looks to be an example of fur HERE. AnimalsTime.com has a great article HERE. EnchantedLearning has an article about this late Mammoth HERE. Wiki has the usual article HERE. And you can find out print out that Emanuel coloured HERE

Such a cool character with his Woolly friend