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Day Out With Dad and More

June 10-11

I wonder at the rain in Minnesota. I am told it is NOT normal for the season… our Father’s Day learning is in full swing, we covered the history of and how to celebrate and now we are learning more and more about Daddy everyday. We have had to put up with extremely long hours for Ken lately. The large project he has been working has been a doozy. On the plus side we reaped the benefits of all of that on Tuesday with a TOTAL day off for Ken! What to do, what to do?

Well, we have visited the mall with the carousel in it a couple time.

Sun was in their eyes... note the really neat water feature that plays music behind them!

Sun was in their eyes… note the really neat water feature that plays music behind them!


A rather environmentally friendly mall on the outside!

A rather environmentally friendly mall on the outside!

Last visit we realized that tickets were only 2.00 per kid. Quite affordable for our family to do as a special thing. I took pictures and the kids and Ken enjoyed the ride.

In line

In line


Zander, the only one who rode on a horse

Zander, the only one who rode on a horse


Post ride stamp

Post ride stamp

Right behind the carousel was a pretzel shop. I am a total sucker for the freshly baked SOFT pretzels. Now add in a special… 1.00 each every Tuesday at this outlet for the month of June and we were in pretzel heaven. Talk about being in the right place for the right day. AND we got to watch them make them all!!!101_2463

101_2467101_2469After our fun at the mall we went to one of the parks local to us for fun AND for a picnic! We made in a half day of work BEFORE we went out… including story time with Daddy listening in.

Local park

Local park

Eating the last of our Aunty Xinny treats!

Eating the last of our Aunty Xinny treats!

101_2479Monday (oops I am writing backwards timeline wise this time) was a day of fun with the cousins. Starting with WAFFLES!

Breakfast with the cousins

Breakfast with the cousins


After we said good by it was time to go outside…101_2423

and bum around playing in the house of course.101_2430

Peanut butter face

Peanut butter face

Emanuel even illustrated our trip from Sunday’s IKEA adventure.

Image on right

Image on right

What a great 2 days! Especially UNINTERRUPTED time with Ken! Bonus!!!



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We have had a marvelous day! Start the morning off with Grandma and Grandpa Mike’s from scratch waffles with berries and whipping cream and go from there! Then it was time to pack the kids up and head to Walmart for the traditional shopping of the sandals. 

So happy

Everyone got what they wanted – Trinity girly pink, Zander transformers, Emanuel Lightning McQueen and Gavin after near tears and an accidental dropping of sandals – ones that LIGHT UP. It can be so difficult to find the right thing for each kid! This time we did an amazing job of doing so. 

We did have to run back to Walmart with Emanuel to exchange his, we somehow grabbed 13s on the way out of the shoe section when we actually needed 11s. He had a blast in Grandma’s convertible (with the top up as it is still spring in Alberta… EARLY spring) with Mommy and Grandma ON HIS OWN. 

Just like at Chris and Chris’ we had EGGS to dye! AND Uncle Wayne to join us. Traditions are wonderful. Mom boiled a ton of eggs, we made up a bunch of dye cups, brought out the white crayons and fun ensued. Messy fun, everyone got involved (except Echo who was napping). Good thing Mike enjoys hard boiled eggs!


Kept them busy

Then it was time for the gifts from mommy, daddy and the Easter bunny – a whole bucket of bubble soap and bubble wants and Kinder Surprise Eggs. So much excitement and chocolate (which by the way Echo did NOT like… though she did like the cow’s milk she had Saturday for the first time).


Kinder eggs

Don’t forget the actual church clothes Easter pictures!!! I gave each of the kids their sock owls as well, I love my mom’s couch for pictures.


A vision in white

The kids have loved the added space that Grandma has at her house, the freedom and their own rooms. Oh and don’t forget all the toys. We are borrowing a couple containers of Grandma’s outside toys  to take back to the Chris’ for the rest of our time there. At least then the kids can do something outside of the house for longer than 15 min. Fingers crossed the bowling set is the key to familial harmony. 

Me and my mommy

Oh and our special dip!!

Gypsy has also fallen in love with Echo, though the snacks she has been sneaking her has been helping that along. It is so cute watching the giant dog follow the tiny baby around the house and vice versa. She is a very well behaved dog. Emanuel even went with mom and Uncle Wayne and walked the dog HIMSELF most of the way!

The Gypsy

Supper was delicious with ham as the centerpiece… sadly after dinner we got some unpleasant news… my sister in law Holly is in the hospital for gall bladder surgery. Please keep her in your prayers and positive thoughts. This was very unexpected and has put their little family into quite an upheaval. We are currently trying to figure out a way to deal with my nephew Jimmie. He is in school for full days but someone needs to be there before and after. I am waiting to hear what her mother’s plans are for travel (she is in Texas) but if she can’t make it Echo and I may have to pack up and catch a ride to the city for a few days at least. 

The kids are slightly unimpressed with the knowledge that our time at Grandma’s is coming to an end. We have promised that once a van is purchased we will plan another visit but for the kids… well they LOVE their grandparents and this house has become a second home to them. I am glad, it reminds me of how I felt about my maternal grandparents’ home. It was comfortable and happy and… a good place to be! 

Hanging with the VERY popular Grandpa Mike

And We Celebrate 3 Birthdays With Great Joy

Well it has been a while since I have done a full blog entry! We have had a party, driven to Grandma’s, reconnected with friends gone for 3 years now returned, had chicken from the 7-11 for old time’s sake and played with the family pet (well Grandma’s pet but we share while we visit). It has been a whirlwind of fun, food, and best of all FRIENDS and FAMILY. 

Baby in a hat

We said good bye to Sean who left shortly before we did on Friday. He had errands back home and his folks in town for a conference. (she) Chris dropped off her van earlier than expected so we were even out the door earlier than originally planned. We left her with our house key and were off! It is actually rather lucky that we couldn’t take our van as with the amount of stuff we came back with it would have been a SUPER squeeze! Oh to have a newER van!!!

Visiting with Chris

A picture for Aunty

We made good time to Grandma’s and the kids were quick (as usual) to make themselves at home. Gypsy, my mom’s new dog was there and amazingly calm with the kids. They absolutely LOVE her though Echo and Gypsy had some struggles finding a balance. Gypsy wanted to give kisses and steal snacks and Echo most definitely did NOT agree! She is not a tiny dog so Echo did a bit of her usual screaming to make her point as really what else could she do with someone so much bigger than her??


Dinner was already waiting for us when we got there – roast beef with potatoes and gravy!!! Ohhhh yum! With enough left over for tons of leftovers (that should give you an idea of how big a roast… our 7 plus mom with leftovers!). There was lots of time for visiting and playing (Trinity just disappeared into the playroom to play with her dollhouse) and of course fun with puppy time.

Saturday morning we had the usual amazing Grandparent breakfast fare – WAFFLES! Homemade of course! Everyone in the family loves a good waffle from the biggest to the smallest! Though Echo tried our stamina by waking up around 6 am. Mom even had strawberries, blueberries and raspberries defrosted to go on top with some whipped  topping. The kids love that as she puts the bowl on the table of the fruit and those cans that you push the nozzle for the topping and they get to go nuts! The mess is actually rather minor and with our family, NO leftovers! 

All growed up

Puppy prettied up for the party

There were a few errands to run, mom and I went to the grocery store and picked up the cake Mike ordered for the boys from the Co-Op. He is in Jamaica right now (until the 21st I think) and so was unable to make it. He did call AND the cake… well the cake was absolutely AMAZING! 


The most awesome cake

Grandma and Echo

Ken and Zander ran out as well, and were SUPPOSED to get Zander’s glasses fixed (nose piece, straightened) only to have Zander bring the case without the glasses in it! You can imagine how happy Ken was NOT. So the new plan is to take him in tomorrow (Mondays are a black out for Ken with work) with the glasses firmly on his FACE! 

2pm marked the beginning of our first true KID party! And did we ever do it in style!! TONS of kids, lots of fun, food… OMG the food! Mom made her absolutely amazing dip that we all crave and covet. Crackers and veggies (thank you Chris and Chris for the broccoli and tomatoes you picked up at H&W for us!!) and punch (orange juice and generic ginger ale)… Along with the Epicure dip mom won at Christmas… so much snacking!



There were kids everywhere – down in the basement where toys reside, outside… babies in the kitchen (and so many babies!). Echo finally got to meet her birthday buddy Seth as well as 2 month younger Avery… They all played rather well with the baby toys my mom has on hand just for such occassions. Oh and don’t forget baby Russell (9 months)


In the basement


Babies - Avery and Russell

Birthday buddy Seth

On top of all the snacking there was hotdogs before cake! We had to contrive enough places  to sit and eat but we managed!

Some of the guests

And then the cake… it was DELICIOUS!

Blowing out the candles

And finally PRESENTS! People were so generous… everything from Swim lessons (thank you SO much Bleau family! Pictures WILL follow) to transformers and even something to go with our Wii… lots of educational things as well! I have to say I was right with Zander’s present… a 3.00 chess set to replace the one he has that has pieces missing apparently was the PERFECT choice! 

Sharon and Echo

Lucky boys

I had stamps and paper and pencils for those kids left after all the fuss to create with and visited late into the evening with the one family that stuck around. Christine (Gavin’s god mother) even brought her two puppies to meet Gypsy (Bella and Jasper). So we also had a puppy playdate. Don’t forget that we had friends come who we had not seen in years! OH and new friends to meet… What a day! 


And to end the day – going to 7-11 for an old University treat – wings and wedges… noms! Seriously we would once a week go and get this stuff… they had a special on Thursdays!! It was tradition!

Nostalgia in a box

Karyn stayed the night and we hung out with Ken in the basement. I have to say for a birthday party literally over run with kids and noise and festivity… I think we did a great job!! I am hoping to go back in March and plan some playdates for the kids. We are the only homeschooling family out of the bunch but there is always weekends, late afternoon… baby playdates… I am sure we will manage! 

Out from behind the camera