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Random Art and Crafts… From Days Gone By

Last modified in 2013… goodness! Well here goes… unedited but posted!


I am not sure if I have shared these or not but they are worth revisiting. Art for Kids has been so helpful, and I just love the art that has resulted from our stumbling upon this site.

Gavin and Zander’s Scarecrows

Gavin’s colourful turkey


Zander’s creative combo of Turkeys AND Aliens

We also have our moments of pure independent creation… anything to get them attempting to use that imagination!

Emanuel’s panda and bamboo scene

And of course some of my own work… craft wise…

A little bag

Crowns for two Canadian Princesses

And of course the list of sites the patterns came from!

  • bags from CrochetSpot HERE
  • princess crowns from Stitch11 HERE
Gavin's 2 page story written solely by him.

Gavin’s 2 page story written solely by him.

Tracing paper is so lovely...

Tracing paper is so lovely…

Gavin is really getting into the drawing himself…

From Walker Sculptural Garden

From Walker Sculptural Garden

A Lot of Red and White With a Dash of Blue

Of course with two major holidays (ok in two different countries but major to US) within such proximity to each other there HAS TO BE overflow images… so sit back and enjoy!!!

Can you spot the dragonfly at Walker Sculpture Garden on Canada Day?

Can you spot the dragonfly at Walker Sculpture Garden on Canada Day?

Just us Canadian Girls showing our pride

Just us Canadian Girls showing our pride

Lucky clover? Couldn't find any with 4 leaves

Lucky clover? Couldn’t find any with 4 leaves

O' Canada!

O’ Canada!

Where Canada and the United State meet..

Where Canada and the United State meet..

The cousins with all of their cousins (both sides)

The cousins with all of their cousins (both sides)

Rocking the addition of blue

Rocking the addition of blue

Gavin and Zander

Gavin and Zander

My baby boy

My baby boy

Trinity and her friend

Trinity and her friend

Glow Necklace!

Glow Necklace!


Goof balls

Goof balls



















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Happy 148th Birthday Canada… Love the Reinsch-Johnsons

Yup July 1st has come and gone and we got our full Canadian groove on to celebrate!!! In fact, the kids felt that this was our best year… outside of living in Canada (of course) to date! Each year we are becoming more and more aware of the differences in our countries… of the hole not being back in Canada has made in our hearts… so it is absolutely wonderful to be able to spend a day holding tight to our traditions, memories and favourite things!IMG_20150701_164443

So we started our day with some fun worksheets thanks to Activity Village. We have done up crafts and other fun activities from their Canada section other years. I absolutely do not know what we would do without their amazing site! Check out their Canada printables and more HERE and stick around and peek through the rest. it is worth it!IMAG0153

Of course we decked out the front yard this year with our Canadian flags.. augmented once again with great thanks to Aunty Karyn! Dollarama how I miss you and your cheap but awesome things!DSCN0510

DSCN0513IMAG0139I also did up the little opening by our front door. I love that area for seasonal and holiday themed decorating.IMAG0174

We took tons of pictures.. sadly the boys are down to red and white but the girls and myself pulled our themed shirts out for another year. Proudly Canadian!DSCN0501

DSCN0496DSCN0497I gave them some down time for our holiday. It is hard to have a tradition fall on a week day that is not observed by the country you reside in. Everyone else goes on about their business while you want to scream THIS DAY IS SPECIAL! So we made it special.DSCN0514

Next we packed up a picnic snack, the kids, our art supplies and a blanket (oh and a flag) and headed of to the Walker Sculpture Garden. (talk about affordable fun.. 3.50 parking for the day and we were able to pass our still active parking pass along to another couple to use for them to continue the day) This is a place we have been multiple times and always enjoyed. Our plan: find a shaded corner, spread our blanket, pull out our Canadian Flag, art supplies and books and enjoy! And it was a total success!IMAG0157DSCN0516



Not only did another pair of Canadian stop by and say hi due to the flag but we also met a homeschool mamma who was so sweet about our set up. She totally recognized a homeschool family and was funny and kind. She even took a picture for us to remember our day. What a pat on the back that we would be so readily recognized as homeschoolers and for all the RIGHT reasons!DSCN0538



The Sculpture Garden is a definite favourite for our entire family. So much beauty.DSCN0517







DSCN0541Add in dinner at Wendy’s where we got a SUPER deal on the kids’ meals since there was a mistake about how long a promotional price was on for and it was a capper to an awesome day. We even got our favourite cashier who has twin grandkids… non identical boy and girl as she describes them.

And now I will leave you with the extra images and one of my all time favourite vingettes…. Log Driver’s Waltz. I dare you ┬áto listen and not want to sing and dance! I know I can’t do it!

And now for the overflow of images of our Canada Day!IMAG0136












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