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3 Angels and a Wise Man… Cosmic Joke or Nativity Scene?

Well we did MORE Christmas shopping… I think we are about done the kids… in Canada LOL I still need to stop at Ikea to get Emanuel some fingerpuppets. I think I will want to stop at Michaels too to get some craft supplies to make my mom something. We do still have the majority of the US kids but I am sure we will take care of them soon.
Mom kept the boys until after 10 so we could go out and get shopping done, have a quick dinner and stop by at Darryl and Sharon’s (his supervisor’s) for a short visit and to pick up a blanket they had extra of. It is the same as the one she gave me back when we were over at their old place and Emanuel spit up on the blanket we had brought. He loves to sleep on top of the one we had and I have been looking everywhere to get another for when we have to wash this one. I guess she got it in the city at a Winners.
We put up the paperchain I made for the twins in their bedroom. I think it looks rather nice though I need to add some more to make it all the way across the room. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will get our "twinkly lights" up and maybe some of my Christmasy nicknacks. I am hoping to continue de-cluttering the place. I am starting to see a difference… our bedroom is full of not yet wrapped Christmas presents but it is tidy. We still need to find a curtain rod to put up to make a division between our bed and Emanuel’s crib. I am not sure that will get done any time before Christmas. Not with cookies to bake and kids to deal with.
So I will just keep putting away and getting rid of and hopefully by the time Christmas is here this place will feel homey and relatively clutter free…. hey I can dream can’t I ???

Monday Musings

This must be our week of good news. First Ken got his night job and now the speech therapist is very happy with the twins’ progression. Not only are they saying the odd word but they are now concistently signing "more" when they want things… I am working on "please" and "milk". The therapist thinks that one of the reasons words just seem to slip out is that the boys are shy… they talk when they feel secure. What a wonderful way to start the week – with the knowledge that your kids are doing well.
Emanuel, on the other hand, is not doing so hot. Last night he had a horrible time falling asleeo and today he seem to have a cold. Hopefully he will sleep better tonight. We made up some baby food tonight – pureed apples and carrots. Emanuel tried the apple today – I think I am going to have to mix it in with the oatmeal. We plan on doing potatoes after I get my mom’s strainer.
We also have to start making and chilling the dough for the cookies – I am planning on making 20 dozen minimum so we need to cook them over time. I also have to get food colouring and maybe some sprinkles. Ken and I are planning on doing them withOUT the help of the twins. Maybe next year they can help.
We are planning on putting up the twins’ paper chains tomorrow night, and I hope to coerce Ken into putting up the twinkle lights in the patio window in the livingroom this week. Time to take down the non-seasonal nicknacks to replace with the Christmas ones.
Well at the very least time for bed for me!

Good News At Last!

We got a phonecall Saturday morning to have Ken come in that morning for an interview at Superstore. He got the position! Night shift where he can basically dictate his hours… no uniform and $2.00 more starting than the day shift! YAY so now we can start working on getting back on our feet. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.
This week we have to start making our cookie dough. I plan on cooking them on Sunday while my mom watches the boys for a while. We figure 20 dozen cookies. I have to go and get some containers to put them in Wednesday.
We are keeping an eye out for that new Tickle Me Elmo – if nothing else to get one for the twins for their birthday which we are celebrating in April. I doubt we would get our hands on one for Christmas. We still need that big gift for the boys… hopefully we will have some luck next shopping trip. I hate the idea of shopping in December.
I am still trying to think of gifts for people… this year has just seemed to be more difficult. We get flashes of insight as to what to get people, but we cannot wait forever for them to come. I just need to force Ken to sit down and THINK. He tends to turn down most of my ideas. I am so starting in January for next Christmas LOL.
Well tonight I am making paperchains for the twins’ bedroom and then Monday I should be able to put the labels on envelopes for mailing… stuff is getting done slowly but surely.