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Warmer Weather… is it Here to Stay??

I am so proud of myself… I trucked the wagon downstairs, got all 3 kids bundled up, put the baby in the carrier (set on the over the hip mode which I WILL not do again – murder on the back – gotta be backpacking it from now on) and we walked all the way to Ken’s work to surprise him. What would normally take less than 10 min took us almost 30 and proved to me that MANY people do not know how to shovel sidewalks. The wagon does NOT like snow and slush! however I am TIRED… course it did not help that I played a bunch of Wii beforehand so now my arms HURT.
The weekend is almost here. The boys had their reading session this morning that went well. Saturday we are doing shopping and then Sunday there is a baptism to go to – I am not sure if we will make that or not.
Hmm again I am sure I could write more but man am I bushed! You know I am tired – I did NOT bring the camera out on my walk!!!!!!! YIKES – I did update the family site though – check it out!

Blah Blah Blah

It has been an odd few nights. Sunday night there were two cop cars outside of our building who eventually exited the apartment building with the upstairs lady’s daughter in cuffs. She was back for sure today as there was a BIG LOUD FIGHT around lunchtime up there – I had to turn up the tv so that the kids would not notice. Again two cop cars but this time they left WITHOUT the girl. She left the building 10 min later and was back when Ken left for lunch. Happily it has been quiet since. She is an odd one that one – I know I have mentioned her before (on parole – noisy)… she has moved from her punk and then goth look to a trench coat and top hat (!!) and today what looked like 2 inch spike heels. The only girl I know of who sounds like a pack of elephants going up and down the stairs. We are pretty sure she or her friends were the ones who took Kathy’s shoes and put them outside the building.
I have come to a realization – there is NOTHING that compares to a paper book… tonight while in my bath (stupid monthly – ok randomly but for other women monthly – stomach ache) I had to RE-READ a book… all my online webcomics (I keep finding more gems), fanfics, etc are not available during my "Mermaid Lisa" (as Cheryl calls them) moments. BAH And I am out of books I have not read. It is finally warming up… too slushy and icey to walk with the baby on my back pulling the wagon but soon soon I will make it to the library. We are planning on making our way to the city and Toys’R’Us to get the little cart that attatches to the wagon for diaper bags… so all I have to do is figure out how to get the whole thing down to the ground floor. I will have to have Ken talk to the landlord and see if one of the locked closets in the building can be opened to put it in. I cannot see using the bike chain to the stairs. A wagon is alot more tempting to take than a double stroller.
My baby is going to be one in just over a week and a half!!! Today for a brief 3 seconds he stood unsupported while reaching for my water bottle! He is eating more and more different babyfoods – drinking water in his cup, playing with his big brothers… It seems like yesterday he was sleeping almost all day and laying in one place. Now he is into everything, right now his favorite place to go is into the kitchen to mess with my magnets. So hard to believe…
So much to do and so little time. We have our shopping night tomorrow but my mom wants us ALL to come in for a while to visit. That takes 30 min from our time. I am not sure stores like Zellars and the dollar store are open after 6 (mom gets the boys by 6) so we will have to do some shopping with them in tow when Ken gets off at 5. What I do not get done I guess will be added to Saturday morning. Ken also has to take the Christmas stuff to the unit, get Emanuel’s SIN number, take the tv to the pawn shop and get a haircut – I doubt that will all happen tomorrow but the tv and Christmas stuff have to be gone tomorrow. I want the place all cleaned up for Thursday morning when we have our second session with the woman who is reading with the boys. We also need to clean up our room which got postponed since I had to have a nice long bath this evening. I need more hours in the day seriously – that or the ability to clean in our room when home during the day. When the baby is asleep I can’t make noise in there, when the boys are awake they won’t leave me alone or keep out of things and when the boys are asleep but the baby awake our room is right next to theirs so not a good idea. BAH
Well I am sure there is tons more to write but I am too foggy from the Motrin I took today… one measly Motrin and I am USELESS!

Good, the Bad and the Busy!

Well, I am not sure if I mentioned this (I am sure I have but this is what I have been thinking about lately) but… we may NOT be coming down to Minnesota this spring/summer after all. While contacting the government about my interest relief (periods of time when I do NOT have to pay back my student loans) I found out that I am right out of time. After April/May we have to start paying back almost 300.00 a month!!! So much for putting Ken’s tax return to pay off some of our older debt… instead we are hoping that it can go to cover a portion of my Alberta loan – the smallest of the 3 (the government changed the way the loans were given out so I owe Alberta and Canadian to a bank and then another Canadian to the government directly – are you confused yet?? hehe – they have taken over half way through so after that point you got the money from the gov and not the bank). So now that I have gone through all of that explanation – even with Ken’s folks paying our gas (what a wonderful gesture.. you think?)… the added expenses of a trip south – food, dinners out, essentials, added things, extras…. I just do not think we have the money for it. I doubt that our credit cards could carry the extra debt though – after all before Ken found this second job we had expenses come and go – carseats… emergencies, etc etc.

It is hard to be responcible and think about these things rationally. I would really love to come down to Minnesota – as tiring and wearing as the long drive is and how being away from home is always stressful for the boys – especially overnight… it is nice to visit with Ken’s family and I miss my friends – the Novak family among others. I am hoping I am wrong and things will work out – a raise, worst case – change in job for Ken… I am going to keep praying and looking into ways we can set aside money for those first loan payments. I am looking at opening an ING Direct account where each paycheque we will take an amount out to be saved for that reason. Their interest is terrific as well as their lack of fees. Hopefully that will make a difference.

I am very proud of myself… I got OFF of WoW tonight and managed to scrapbook all of Emanuel’s Christmas pictures. Including Boxing Day and the Choir Christmas Concert. Nothing too fancy but they did turn out rather nice. I am so going to have to save my pennies and either get Itsakadoozie (sp?) from Michaels or the cutting system from Creative Memories. I am tired of outlining from a template and then taking scissors to cut. I still need to finish the pages from Emanuel and my trip to SC. I just don’t have the right stickers for the fireworks page and need to print out some of the pictures Jamie sent me from the airport when we were leaving. Not exactly the NICEST pictures of me, but I do want to include a couple.

Talking about SC – my sister (Kathleen) has a new boyftiend – from the BASKETBALL team! I can’t wait to see pictures. I have also gotten to chat with my brother (James)’s girlfriend Cindy on MSN. She seems really nice, and they are really happy together. I am so glad he has someone who cares for him as much as he cares for her. Hopefully they will make it for Emanuel’s birthday – we were chatting about maybe taking all the kids swimming on the Sunday. James has not seen the boys since Emanuel’s birthday in June!

Well Ken is at work tonight and I am thinking I will turn in soon. I made it to 18 1/2 on Wow and got some scrapbooking done, did a couple sinkfulls of dishes and managed to tidy up the top of the twins’ closet. Tomorrow it is OUR BEDROOM! Everything that has been in the way lately has seemed to migrate into there. I am thinking I will do a total clean in the closet when Spring comes and I switch out my warm clothes. It gets so un-tidy but I just do not have the room and desperately need one of those closet systems where you can just put it in the closest (not the bolted in one since we rent) and make it to fit what you need… or another dresser. One dresser for two adults that is just a little dresser is simply NOT enough. I want to get the majority of the cleaning done now so that the week before Emanuel’s party I am not rushing around. After all that morning he and I are going to the library reading program so I have to trust Ken and the twins to do the last minute stuff. Hmmm is that a GOOD idea? Oh well maybe Cindy and James will be here and I can put her in charge….