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What a Weekend!

Well lets see… teething kids (all 3 – the twins are getting in molars), Zander having a fever Saturday night (so we stayed home from church to be sure he was ok), groceries to pick up, a bed for the twins, Emanuel becoming less and less our wee baby… It is only today that I finally have the time and energy to write.
In fact Friday and Saturday I was in bed early, Ken let me sleep in a bit all weekend (sad that for us 9am is sleeping in!) but Emanuel is sleeping later now – 8/8:30 to as late as 6:30 and has taken to playing in the crib in the morning for a bit! He has also taken to napping longer in the afternoon and has become a bit more perky through out the day. He even surprised us and Saturday drank over an oz of his Vanilla Soy Milk!!! It is not concistant but he is more willing!
My poor back is screaming a bit today – Zander decided to thrash around a bit while being carried and twinged my lower back, I really need to get some new nursing bras, the ones I do have are losing their elasticity round the rib cage and are actually now a little big since Emanuel is only nursing 2-3 times a day. Next Month I should be able to go to Walmart and get something new – won’t fit perfectly since I am small around the ribcage and large in cup but it will life better and hopefully decreas my instances of back pain.
Well here it is night and I forgot I had saved this as a draft.. I will post and work on catching up tomorrow.. must rest back OW OW OW

Big Fluffy Flakes

Of DOOM lol at least that is what the look on the kids’ faces was when our power went out for a couple minutes this morning… one minute we are all enjoying the mesmerizing images of Baby Einstein Mozart and the next Daddy’s pc back up is BEEPING!!! Wow was Zander MAD when the power came back on and Mozart didn’t !! We must all have colds or he normally could not have cared less!!! Hard to believe at the beginning of the week you were going out without a coat on and now here we are back at snow and snow with staying power! UGH
Last night we did the minimum grocery shopping to get us til Friday since now KEN has cought the bug. By Saturday the weather is SUPPOSED to be better, we have so much to do I am just hoping we are all over this. The medicine seems to be helping Emanuel and neither of the twins are as bad as he was. I just have a runny nose and VERY pesky cough.
I finally got around to calling the company that made our fondue – when we bought it around new years it was without instructions on how to do the meat aspect… Ken tried emailing and got no responce so I finally up and called. We should get the missing info in a couple of weeks. We spent $50.00 on the thing I really want to get our use out of it. I have requested some recipe books from the library so at least we can try out the cheese and chocolate recipes.
Last night the upstairs neighbors had what sounded like a knock down, drag out fight with banging and bashing and screaming to boot. It ended when the daughter slammed her way out of the building… first time in a long time they have had a fight and no cops apprear. Thank goodness Emanuel did not wake up!
Well if I can shake this cold I think life will look alot more cheerful – snow or no! Now if I can get the twins to nap…

Does it Ever Slow Down??

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffed up nose and a sick Zander and a coughing Emanuel who is on nasty tasting antibiotics for 10 days… UGH add to that the neighbor who lives in the house next to our building called saying she had found some of our MAIL on her yard! A bill that she got our number off of and what she thought was an ATB bank statement. So she wanted me to unlock the front door so she could drop it off… she slipped it under the door before I could even get to it – just the envelope all muddy… no bill. I opened it up and it was a mastercard application from November of last year??? I am assuming she found it under the last of the snow. Our garbage is not picked up enough for the buildings – one big container for two 6 apartment buildings! I called my mom since she knows the lady and she says that she often comes off as gruff but I really hope that she does not thinking that we would do that on purpose. Oh we so need to move!!!
The dr’s visit at the walk in went well… we waited for about an hour or so and Emanuel did rather well up until the end. He was a little nervous about the dr but did not cry. They were not too worried about just feel that he needs some help to kick the cold. Poor baby gets so sad after he coughs… I think it hurts his ribs and the meds are NASTY.
We took the dresser out of the twins’ room last night. They are not too happy about it but at least now I am not scared of it falling on them or something. Though they did try and get into the buckets we replaced the dresser with. Such busy busy boys!!! Poor Emanuel is trying to keep up, it wore him out so much that at lunch he almost fell asleep in his intellitainer.
Ken came home for lunch and let me get a nap… it was nice to get a little rest in the middle of the day. Now all I need is a good solid night’s sleep and maybe a hot bath in the evening before…. or a nanny to help us through the crazy 3’s!
Hopefully I can get a nice start on packing during the rest of the week. The first place we heard about is already rented out but I am keeping optimistic!!