Reading Week Day 1

And it keeps on snowing! Seriously even the kids are done with the snow, and the cold temperatures that continue to come with it. So I think it will be back the conservatory for the first of our March trips out. After all we DO lose our pass on April the 8th or so. So every week we are going to try and get out to the conservatory or the zoo.

Snow snow snow

Today was the first day of our Reading Week. We read 3 stories and then did the sheet my sister in law sent me that she does with my nephew Jimmie.

This is what we are working with

The first story was based on a Beatrix Potter one by the same name but simplified. The Tale of Mrs. Tiddlemouse… with Babbitty Bumble the bee and Mr. Jackson the toad.

Gavin's page is on left

The second was on the reading list for older children that we got with Echo’s library bag AND a gift a couple years back from the kids’ “in the know Aunty” Karyn… Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.

Zander's page is on left

Our third book is a favourite from way back. We had borrowed it from the library and the boys fell so instantly in love that I hunted it down in large boardbook form – Monster Trucks by Mark Todd! It is one of those books they always want a repeat read on!

Gavin's page is on the left

Tomorrow I want to include at least ONE book they help ME read. Today, starting out they were less than enthused about the work following the reading of the story so I kept it on an I read to them basis. And then of course the girls wanted one of my favourite baby boardbooks read to them Peepo! (totally recommend this one for the little guys, I love the British war time illustrations)


Reading together

We found a template and instructions for the teddy bear Zander wants to make. You can get it from here. We have the material he picked up at the Reuse Centre but I need to do all the pinning tonight for him to  continue on tomorrow.

Ever since the kids got a Play-Doh boardgame for Christmas from Jon and Yoyo (thanks you two!!) they have been enamoured with the idea of building a game. Well, today Gavin did it. He built his own very simple game board out of Legos and used an 8 sided dice he found somewhere in the house (yes we have all kinds of dice in the house – after all Ken is into boardgames and D&D). Very cool!!

Gavin's game

I did up one more bow today… my ribbon supply has been depleted… and one more last night… I am loving being creative with something new and have more combinations to play with. The black and white one was a quick bow done up with left over bits… not perfect but I am very happy with how it will look in Trinity’s hair.

Green and pink

Black and white with a crystal embellishment

Now to get back to work on stitching, crafting and relaxing (and dishes and tidying and of course trying to toss or donate MORE unwanted possessions!)…

Echo in pink

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