And the Winner Is…

CHRIS B!!! Who sent me a lovely email asking to be entered into the draw as my number THREE entry!!! I will send you out an email asking for your Feltie idea! Thank you for entering everyone! I had 11 entries on my very first draw! Friends, family, people from near and far! I feel very thankful for all the comments on the site and in emails as well as all the interest my blog has had over the years. I look forward to continuing on with it! 

We have begun our week on much the same note as we ended it. Some resistance to working on school things but the willingness is there! We had a peptalk before bed on Sunday about how if we DO get all our work done in a timely manner there WILL be more time for fun! And I was right. The boys both worked on pages in their reading and math books successfully before going onto a Michaels buy. Mini activity books with a Christmas theme. There was 6 in the pack and they should be ok for Emanuel to do as well so I am limiting them to a book a week which will hopefully slow them down on the rushing through. 

Workbook time

Sunday was a special day for Trinity – she got herself a brand new (to her) bike! It needs a bolt for the one training wheel and I am debating some paint and Gavin suggested brightly coloured tassels so I have some searching to do to find the best way to make those in a way that will be weather resistant. Thank you Freecycle! Though by the same merit, a lady dropped off a box of clothing for the twins that they said were size 7/8 and then up to 14. Well… I really didn’t see any 7/8 and their 14 yr old must be a TALL boy! So I am planning on holding onto them for now and then if she does not contact me I will pass them along! 


I have been working on MORE bows and now a new craft project – though thankfully meant for Christmas presents! Of course, felt and rather a quick stitch! You can follow the instructions HEREand make your own… though they are NOT for resale.

Done so far

I have a stitching completion after WAY too long – an ornament – well it is now (the pattern originally calls to make it a pin). I am not sure who will get it for Christmas but I have decided it was way too much fun to create to keep for myself… This one had more assembly than my santas… I had to attach the hat and tree! 


We are at work on our November letter package to head off to my brother-in-law overseas. This one has a much more winter/Christmas flavour. So far Trinity drew him a picture on her favourite purple paper, Emanuel made him a Christmas card printed off of here and the twins are each writing a letter with a picture. I have to write up my letter before we send it and I think the kids want to make him a small gift… Maybe a bracelet or something? 

One thing that IS making me very happy is how much Zander and Gavin WANT to play with their siblings, suggesting they play trains in Emanuel’s bedroom… later working with Echo to teach her new things (Emanuel did this too!). She is one lucky baby to have so many teachers! 

Building with Echo

With lots of gaming time yesterday and my crafting today… I have quite the mess to tidy tonight. But I think that the past few days have been GOOD days! I am hoping we continue an upwards trend! 

Sitting pretty

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