Saturday in Brief

It is hard enough to wake up on a day when plans have been through out the window (as this WAS another potential move in date on the new rental) but add to that the snow on the ground and the chill in the air in the middle (dead center) of April and honestly my heart was not in it. Thankfully my boys woke up right around when Echo did and the fact that today they were NOT grounded off Netflix was enough to make them all perky! If only adults could work the same way on a consistent basis! 

All around the computer

We have had a bit of a lazy Saturday though Ken was able to deal with picking up the bulk of our old damage deposit, one more thing basically off the list. Perks you up a bit to get one more thing done… mostly. 

I am still on the great iPad app hunt and finding more and more interesting ones along the way. We are still going through a list a friend from a homeschooling group gave me. She has a very extensive list, though some cost money so it will keep me busy. Again any and all suggestions I more than welcome them!

iPad time with Daddy

The first of our vehicle picks was not horrible, according to Sean, but would need repairs. So while it is not OFF the list we are hoping number 2 or 3 would be in better condition. The joys of a limited budget I guess. BUT it is a start. We have this week to get it sorted before the trip to the city the following week and Comic Con. I am told by all the guys that this is plenty of time as Ken has already made inquiries and ensured that the vehicles we are interested in are available for test drives. So one step closer to where we need to be to be calm and collected…

And with that I am debating an early bedtime. My sister in law Holly has completed all her procedures and surgeries and should be home either tomorrow or Monday. We are so thankful that her time in the hospital is coming to an end. 

A Victoria owl and his bunny friend

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