Reflection (AKA a Filler Entry of Introspective Matter… Sorry!)

I find that at the end of any given week I tend to lean towards reflecting back on the days and moments we have experienced. Did we adventure? Are the kids progressing? Do I feel like I accomplished anything? Lately I am more and more surprised at how much affirmation I feel.

Maybe it is the space we have here, maybe the relaxation the kids always feel in Grandma’s house… Or the change in perception in returning to the town I have lived the longest in… But I feel like I am doing enough for once.

The kids are running and playing and on the move… We are working our way through things I remember from living here myself, creating art along the way. Zander has shown interest in the weather and keeping track of it and Friday Gavin read me a level 2 storybook with minimal assistance. We are doing MORE and it shows.

Maybe is is the organization. The moment I walked into my mom’s I was able to begin organizing myself and my family. Our clothes are sorted, the homeschooling items lined up neatly in the sitting room. The kids sorted into familiar rooms, a routine easy to drop into place. I do absolutely love to be organized.

Regardless, except for a few moments of doubt or exhaustion I feel more me. I am accomplishing things, keeping the kids going, creating an adventurous life out of everyday moments. Friday’s fixing of the Internet by the cable company made its way into our books… Through the right eyes and mindset watching 3 people working together to string a new line for cable and Internet is an absolute adventure. It also led to a discussion of what we use the Internet for…

Things like walking with Trinity to the Co-Op, going to the library, walking the dog… I feel more in control. Granted the biggest uncertainty – our new rental is 100% out of our hands and in the hands of the potential landlords (5 in total to hear back from) but even there we did our best… We put our best foot forward, Ken took the kids with him at times, I sorted through posts and paper adds and called some myself, we gave our best references and ensured that everyone was ok with our mode of contact (texting or email). We have done our best and now it is up to the rest of the world to work its way through. I have been told God will provide. The world will sort things out in the best way possible, we just have to have faith… At this point I have no choice but to believe that is true.

I have found hidden strengths in my family… In myself… We are able to do without the bulk of our material items (thus I will make a careful sort when all is said and done), able to enjoy the outdoors consistently and create many school activities to take advantage of that. The hard times are easier when our family is together as a unit and the world around us much more interesting when we are forced to look out for entertainment instead of focusing on our possessions.

I have high hopes that this, like the other adventures in our life to date, will lead to a new and improved outlook on the world and how we plan to face new challenges. It is not just the kids that learn something new each day. And with this new knowledge we face each new day smarter and that tiny bit more prepared for the troubles, trials and tribulations coming our way… And with that I promise the next blog entry will be less introspective and way more joyful, after all I have a whole weekend to fill you all in on and the adventures therein.

We all have our contemplative moments

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